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Are you thinking of home automation and investment? This is a site that offers you both. In this Mindhome review, we shall look at this site with the view to understanding if this is a good deal for investment.

Before we do that, it is important to understand that even though there are many investment opportunities on the internet, not many are worth the contract paper on which they’re written. The reason is that fraudsters are getting smarter and it takes close scrutiny to unmask them.

What is Mindhome?

This is a smart home solution company that said they help you automate your home. This means that if you’ve been thinking of how to live smart by having your home tailored to your beck and call, this is the company to contact.

MindhomeHowever, I personally did not contact them because there are unanswered questions about them. These are questions that border on the focus of their services. A look at the site shows that this is both a service company and an investment company.

However, the company seems more inclined towards giving its investors reward than in serving its customers who by the way should be the ones generating the funds. Why is the company keen at raising money and paying high profit to investors than in serving customers?

It creates doubt that this is a genuine business since no serious business spends most its time and attention on raising funds in a never-ending fundraiser than it does in serving its clients.

Who Owns The Company?

Interestingly, there is no genuine indication of ownership of the company on the site. It is amazing that a company that claims that it is service based and also asking investors to make deposit did not publicize the genuine names of its owners. It also does not have a live chat that would enable the client get immediate answers to their queries.

All this makes this a suspicious site that was put up with the intention of fronting as a home automation even though its real intention is to get the funds of investors under the pretext of being an investment site.

Fake Company Owner

When a site makes every effort to conceal the identity of the owner, it is an indication that you’re dealing with a scam. This is exactly what Mindhome has done.

MindhomeA search of the name available on its registration certificate shows that Jordan Cunningham does not exist outside the Mindhome site.

It is impossible that a director of a company has no life outside it. This is a pointer that sending funds to this company would result in losing it because this is potentially an exit scam.

Discordant Business-Investment Mix

From what is seen from the Mindhome website, it is obvious that the owners are trying to lure investors with the prospect that they’ll make profit. This is their focus and not the setting up of any automation service.

We can see this at the service section which stated that:

“Here at Mindhome, we are working hard to bring the smart home to life. The company creates simple, affordable smart home solutions that simplify your life. With our interactive system and just a few smart devices, you can have fingertip control of everything from lights to appliances, along with your security – and control them from virtually anywhere. See how much more convenient your days can be. By adding Mindhome to your investment portfolio, you will make the right move, and our high-class staff will do everything to make you proud of your choice. Seamless experiences are kind of our thing.”

In other words, you should not simply call to have the company automate your home but rather act “by adding Mindhome to your investment portfolio.”

This is a diversionary tactic meant to make the investor check up the investment proposal with the guise of getting their home automated. But the main target is the investment program. 

A Fake Team

MindhomeIt is interesting that no member of the team has real-life existence aside what was seen on the site. A background check on the identities of the team shows that none of them is a real person.

The site has used computer generated images as their executive team. What does this tell you about this investment program? Sending your funds to the people behind this site would cause you losses.

Impossible ROI

MindhomeThe company’s investment offers are so unrealistic that no serious investor would take them seriously. They’re promising from 8 to 11 percent daily returns to their investors.

As impractical as this is, we are aware that there are many who would take it seriously because they know nothing about real investment. Scams thrive because of people like this and the essence of this review.


Mindhome is an active scam that should be avoided. Remember that scams succeed in stealing from people because there are many investors that do not conduct due diligence before passing their funds to scammers.

Genuine investment sites do not conceal the identities of the owners and managers. They are regulated and do not promise unrealistic ROI.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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