Miners Gold – A Serial Fraudster Runs Forex Trade Investment

If you came across Miners Gold, you probably wonder if this is an investment that would make your dream of big profit come true the way you’ve heard from others. I suggest that you read through this post to ascertain if this is the right one.

One fact you have to bear in mind is that getting a good investment doesn’t really come easy. For instance, when we set up our investigative site, we thought of monetization but found out that most the investment sites out there are scams.

If you’ve been following the crypto industry, you would know that this has been a recurring concern to the community considering that most of the investors are still out there seeking opportunity to enter the market.

The preponderance of scam sites has effectively discouraged many investors. Those that are resilient in continuing are in it because they’re aware that this is one industry that has immense potentials to make many rich.

Be that as it may, we are considering this investment option to know if it is worth putting your assets into or you should rather avoid it.

What is Miners Gold?

Miners GoldThe site claims that it is a forex company that has more than 100 professionals with one philosophy revolving around trading of currencies. It further stated that it is one of the most successful companies in its area of operation adding that it has consistently earned big profits for itself and its investors.

It stated that it offers the best global property investment offers and is committed to long term relationship with its investors. This means that they promote themselves as a reliable and safe company to make investments with.

It also claims that its investment instruments are selected painstakingly before being presented to the investors while simultaneously giving them support and helping them make profit.

How Reliable is this Site?

Miners GoldThere are millions of investment offers on the internet, but not all are reliable. In fact, few are, so the question you have to ask yourself when considering any online investment is

“what is the antecedence of the people behind this site?”

This would in no small way help you avoid getting ripped off or even completely losing your funds to fraudsters.

The first evidence that Miners Gold is not a reliable site is its claimed registration number. The number which it asserts was assigned to it by Company House, the UK agency in charge of incorporation of businesses belongs to another company, Forex Strategy Limited.

Even though it boldly claimed that it has been registered by the agency, it became clear that it is the usual assumption by scam sites that most investors would never try to verify information they see on investment sites.

Address Flagged As Scam

According to the FAQ section of the site, any investor can visit the company at 24 KINGSWAY WEST, PENWORTHAM, PRESTON, UNITED KINGDOM, PR1 0JA, which is its supposed physical address, but a search of the location shows that some sites using it have already been flagged as scams.

The implication of this could be that the entity behind Miners Gold is a serial scammer and so should be avoided. Fraudsters routinely move from scam to scam as they are discovered or when they have succeeded in stealing from investors.

Some of the active and exit scams associated with the owners of Miners Gold are GoldcoineLLC, BitcoinmaxICO, Coinexloan, Classic Miners, Capinasti and Ultra Mining. In fact, most of these scams use the same phone number +18005596580, laying credence to the fact that one fraudster is behind these sites.

Who is Behind the Site?

Miners GoldFraudsters are careful to conceal their identities because they wouldn’t want to get caught. When you’re dealing with a serial scammer, it obviously gets messier even though they are more likely to make a slip.

A whois search of Miners Gold shows that the site was registered on March 16, 2019. This is contrary to the claims on the footer that it has been online since 2016. Bear in mind that scammers would work hard to gain your confidence.

The Securities and Exchange Commission stated this in their website:

“Exercise extreme caution if you receive an unsolicited communication—meaning you didn’t ask for it and don’t know the sender—about an investment opportunity.  Fraudsters may use fake names and misleading photos, and also provide U.S. phone numbers even though they may be operating abroad.”

Fake Statistics

Miners GoldScam investment sites use fake stats to give visitors impression that other investors are making money with them. This is why you would see recent deposits and withdrawals which are not real.

Also, they write fake figures to represent how much they have paid out and the number of participants involved in the scheme.

Deceptive Investment Plans

Miners GoldThe easiest way to identify fraud investment sites is that they usually offer unrealistic and deceptive returns on investments. They’re aware that this is the only way they could get people’s interest since most people want quick wealth.

The Miners Gold site took advantage of this approach by offering returns of 120 percent to 300 percent. These are unrealistic and no legitimate company can pay that.


Your best approach in making safe investments is avoiding the no work, much wealth mentality that many investors have. No genuine investment site would offer you 50 or 100 percent profit in a month, talk less a day.

Always take advantage of genuine sites when you come across them. Such sites must be regulated by the relevant financial services agency and must be licensed to render financial services.

We advise that you never use unknown or little known sites for investment. Here is our top recommendation where you are guided to grow your assets though a copy trading strategy even if you know nothing about investments.

You can send in your views through the comment box below. You can also notify us of new sites to review through the Contact page.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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