Miningsky – When Fake Miners Copy Other Scams

It’s so hard to get genuine miners these days because most of the sites claiming to mine cryptocurrencies are either scams or ponzi schemes that hope to generate money and pay older investors and then create the impression that they are actually mining some coins as seen with

Why would a cloudmining site ask its customers to send an email top receive visuals of its mining farm if it is actually genuine? In reality, there are signs to watch out for in scam site whether they claim to mine, trade or invest your funds in any other way.

Companies that are genuine understand that credibility counts in online investments so they do not need to be prompted to provide any evidence that could help the investor make any investment decisions such as displaying their mining farm photo on the site or even providing the physical address of the company.

What we usually see is that people hide behind the limited anonymity the web provides them to solicit for deposits from investors, effectively asking for donations from strangers hoping that these investors would not be smart enough to ask questions.


Not just does not fulfill the basic requirements of a safe investment site, the site is a near direct copy of another suspicious mining site which points to the suspicion that it is not a real mining site.

Why would a genuine company copy what another company is doing with slight modification? The Miningsky site uses even the same theme with Hashshiny which would make you infer that the sites were built by the same persons.

That both claim to mine cryptocurrencies inviting investors to buy mining plans shows that the copier which in this case is Miningsky is a scam company. in A Nutshell

Like the site it copied, claims that it has been in operation since 2016 but we found out that this is false since a Whois search shows that the domain was registered on December 12, 2018.


This is a clear indication that the owners of the website want to give users the impression that it has an online reputation of having been operational for 3 years while in reality, it has been in existence just 4 months.

This is a tactic employed by scam sites that claim they’re in the business of making money for investor through any guise such as mining and trading.

False Claims

The Miningsky site also claims that it has space for 800,000 mining hardware sure as Avalon and Antminer S9 adding that it mines with GPU also.

What should be surprising is how no one knows about a company that claims that it has mining operations in several countries such as Venezuela, Belarus, Ukraine, Trinidad, etc.

How could a company operating in so many countries as a crypto mining firm not be comparable with some of the biggest miners such as Bitmain? These are some of the claims that make it rather obvious that is a scam site.

A Ploy to Steal Your Money


One of the interesting features of this site is the claim that some investors could visit the company, but there is a clause there. Such investors must have made deposits of $50,000.

Could you imagine being deceived into making a deposit of $50,000 just to get the opportunity of visiting an office that you’re not even sure exists?

Whoever is behind this site knows that getting that type of deposit is enough motivation to shut down the site. We’ve seen this happen again and again with scam sites. Hopefully, no investor is dumb enough to do that with this site.

Fake Photos of Datacenter

MiningskyThere is page on the site “Datacenter” that seemingly shows pictures of part of the farm. However, a close examination of the photos shows that they are not genuine but an attempt at creating an image with the name Miningsky inscribed on some mining rigs.

A Referral Program

It is never surprising seeing sites such as Miningsky run a referral program and offer the affiliates a fraction of the income.

The fact is that this is a site that the owner is just interested in getting deposits from people knowing that there is no way those investors could get back their money or even the expected ROI.

So they use every strategy to create awareness about the site by promising the referring partners 10 percent commission. What is not clear is how long these scam sites pay their partners. That is, if they’re paid at all.

Fake Physical Address

It is important to realize that the address displayed on the Miningsky website is fake. There is no physical address that 122 Walter Hardwick Avenue leads to.

This is an intentional ploy to confuse the investors since they omitted the city and the country where the company is located. Obviously, the investor must first make the $50,000 deposit before they’re qualified to know the location of the company they invested with.

Fake Testimonies

It is obvious that the testimonies on the Miningsky site were faked to make users feel secure about using the platform. It is even more so because there are no independent sites where these testimonies are replicated except on the site.


MiningskyDespite its mining plans that are relatively cheap, there are no guarantees that buying the plans sold by this site would make you money. It is far more likely that you would lose your investment with this site.

This is why we recommend that you keep away from shady investment and mining sites. There are better way to earn cryptocurrencies and you may check our recommendation.

Have you had experience with, please share them in the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

10 thoughts on “Miningsky – When Fake Miners Copy Other Scams

  1. Anybody has experience with I have been cheated by this criminals. Looking for other victims to check possibilities to get those people arrested or some money back.

  2. I signed up with after receiving a promotional email from CryptoCompare with a 50% promotion which made me think they may be legit. I had a few small accounts with bitcoin here and there so decided to test the water.

    Put a small amount in $250.. seemed ok… tested withdrawals which were fine.. put in $500 (this is an amount that isn’t going to hurt me… still pisses me off) 1 more withdrawal. Received it just fine so I let it ride for a couple months.

    And this is where it falls apart. Withdrew about $500 and it showed it went through so I checked my wallet but it wasn’t there. Went back to the website, transaction that was listed was for someone else for a different amount. I have a total of 5 withdrawals now 2 completed with no transaction record posted and 3 pending…. which of course it pulls immediately from your account which I guess doesn’t matter because it’s all fake.

    As far as I’m concerned, CryptoCompare should be shit on since they are profiting from the scam also, I’ve notified them about this several times.

  3. Same here. Did some small initial test investments. Received numerous withdrawals. Then suddenly I had a withdrawal request that says completed but there is no tx next to it. Then afterwards I receieve a number of withdrawals again.

    Then suddenly they change the minimum withdrawal threshold from 0.002 BTC to 01.5 BTC. My first attempt to withdraw 01.5 BTC same thing happened.

    Total scam. And CryptoCompare must be in on the scam, as they promote this site heavily and they claim to have verified the mining facility of…

    1. I have sent cryptocompare info on this scam, as well as opening a support ticket on being a scam. Their response was a rote: “we take every report of a scam site very seriously and will investigate this report… bla bla bla”.. Still green-lighted and marked as verified by cryptocompare… I think cryptocompare is just as much a scam as

    1. There may be no hope of recovering your funds. Most of the asset recovery ads you see are scammers.

  4. How is it that nobody is saying anything about the MASSIVE scam that just went down a week ago stealing apparently hundreds of millions?

    1. Apparently, no one reported it to us. We try to review active scams that we are aware of.

  5. For a while I studied the sites offering cloud mining, tracking their work and reviews about them. and from Australia and Canada are two of these sites. Both are SCAM. I’m sure the laws of both countries pursue this type of deception. However, it is obvious that both governments are encouraging this activity because they are not taking any measures to stop this SCAM and terminate the “profitable business” of such sites.
    It’s a pity that these countries are part of the Commonwealth of Great Britain and put a big stain on the Queen’s name.

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