Monero Developers Ready Offline Monerujo

The Monero development team usually referred to as the monerujo pirates are close to deploying an android-based offline wallet. According to a recent post on the monero subreddit, the concept would make it easy for users to scan and sign transactions via the bluetooth of their android devices. All these happen without the online device accessing the private keys of the wallet of the user.

The post stated that: 

The idea is simple – use an old Android device (everyone has one of those lying around, right?) for scanning & signing transactions via Bluetooth. The online device never sees the wallet keys which are kept safely on the offline device.

The development has used what the team termed the Ledger protocol Moneroside to implement bluetooth connection on official monero wallets. As can be seen in the Twitter post below, the developers’ PoC is evident as shown with a created transaction that has been signed and sent on mainnet.

The post further suggested the creation of a CCS for the project with a timeframe for deployment set at approximately 200 hours. This should include UI/UX, reviews and audit of the codes. The post suggests that the code audit be conducted by a third-party. 

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.