Monero News: First Set of Spesmonerujo Notes for Auction


There are many people even within the cryptocurrency community that would want to have some physical coin-loaded notes.

The developer of the Spesmonerujo announced today the low series notes would be placed on auction according to the forum post made on BitcoinTalk. The notes which have the 100 and 200 milli Spesmonerujo would give the owners the option of storing their monero on the notes.

Donation for Community Crowdfunding

According to the release, winners of the auction would have the liberty of allocating donations to any Monero project of their choice on the Community Crowdfunding System platform of the network.

The auction notice took cognizance of the fact that there is just one project seeking crowdfunding at the moment, so the winners of bids could decide to choose later projects to make their donations to.

Bitcoin for Bids

All bids, prices and donations would be made in bitcoins to avoid confusing some crypto users. However, when a winner decided to make donations towards any Monero-based projects, the donations would be converted to XMR.

The low serial notes on auction are numbers 1-10. An escrow service by Minerjones would be in charge of receiving payments and shipping the notes to owners of winning bids.

More Series for the Future

The Spesmonerujo was developed by Phishead who is a Hero member of Bitcointalk. He stated that the Boron Butterfly notes are the first in series that would be developed down the line.  Other series expected in future after Boron Butterfly are Carbon Cxxx and Nitrogen Nxxx and so on.

According to the post:

“These Boron Butterfly Spesmonerujo notes will be first of many special edition Monero/Esperanto themed notes the Polymerbit team and I have been working on.”

He hopes to fund subsequent development with the funds raised from the auction. The Spesmonerujo project aims to celebrate every Monero hardfork or upgrade that biannually.

Transparent Process

The auction process has been made transparent even as the developer made efforts to ensure that winners would derive maximum benefits from the product.

“I understand most people here might not use, or know how to use Monero; but I do intend these notes to be fully loaded by the buyer and intend to only ship out loaded notes to maintain the integrity of Spesmonerujo notes.  I will gladly help anyone figure out how to purchase Monero and use a wallet of your choosing that doesn’t require you to download the whole blockchain for convenience.  I will not be accepting BTC, or any other currencies to load these notes for people due to legal reasons.”

The auction process shows that Starting bid: 0.00000 BTC
Minimum bid increments: 0.00025 BTC

Auction End: Sunday 15th, 17:00 EST (New York Time)

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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