More Crypto Experts Join TRON’s Sun for Warren Buffet Lunch

Warren Buffet

The circle just got bigger at the forthcoming Crypto Power Lunch with Warren Buffet as Jeremy Allaire, the Circle founder accepted invitation to participate.

Allaire will join TRON CEO and Founder of Litecoin in the lunch with Berkshire Hathaway’s Buffett.

Buffet is A Crypto Critic

On July 25, Justin Sun will be meeting with Warren Buffet, who is popular for his pessimistic views on cryptocurrency.

The Crypto Power Lunch, valued $4.6 Million will include Litecoin’s Charlie Lee who, like Allaire, also recently accepted Sun’s Invitation.

In a tweet, Allaire expressed his delight to participate in the dinner. He stated that the much-anticipated gathering would be an excellent opportunity for crypto community to interact with Warren Buffet and benefit from one another.

In the acceptance tweet sent by Allaire just 3 minutes after Justin Sun sent him the invitation, he wrote:

“Hi Justin, I would be honored to join you and @WarrenBuffett next week to discuss crypto!! Count me in. Crypto is now a major global policy issue and there is a great deal for Mr. Buffet to understand and for us to learn from him as well”

The event which is billed to hold on July 25 will take place in the suburb of Jackson Square in San Francisco at a restaurant known as Quince. The spot for the dinner was selected by Sun because it is close to Late Mrs. Buffet’s Glide Foundation.

More Invitees Joining Soon

Apparently, Justin Sun does not plan to go alone because even though he has company in Allaire, he revealed that other participants of the lunch who are crypto community members  would be made known soon.

In addition to this, the self-acclaimed cryptocurrency influencer is currently gathering questions he should ask the billionaire investor – Buffet. In another tweet, he wrote:

“7 days left till the @WarrenBuffett lunch! What questions would you like me to ask? Write them below & ones w/ most likes will be considered!”

Allaire had recently shown optimism in Facebook’s Libra Project which he thinks will encourage the emergence of favorable cryptocurrency laws globally.


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