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Multimining Website

There are many people that think that:

“this new kind of money called Bitcoin could be picked off the ground the way they pick berries off the shelf of a supermarket”.

That is why there are many sites that specialize in showing people that they could quickly start earning bitcoins through mining, sites such as Multimining Website.

Multimining Website

Those Days Are Gone

In reality, there are people that picked bitcoins off the ground but they are mostly the original developers that got involved in mining when people never knew that Bitcoin existed, but those days are long gone.

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In recent times, another group of nefarious players are also picking the coins for doing nothing. These are mainly scammers that use different schemes to convince people to send them digital currencies.

The fact that these coins can be transferred without central supervision helps the thieves escape detection. That is why every investor should be careful before sending their funds to any sites that claim they could help them make money.

What is Multimining Website?

This is another site that claims that it is mining bitcoins. It makes it look easy promising its investors that they could earn a specified volume of Bitcoin daily.

This raises suspicion because not even big miners like Bitmain can accurately predict the Bitcoin market to the extent of knowing that it would be consistently in profit to pay all investors it opens its doors to.

We have to know the difference here. Bitmain, for instance does not ask anyone interested to invest in its mining operation promising specific returns to them. But Multimining Webite  does exactly that.

By so doing, it creates the impression that it is making unlimited profit and could afford to pay all those investors and incoming ones the profit it promised on its site.  This is a dubious claim because Bitcoin mining is no longer that profitable as it was 10 years ago.

What is The Interest of Dubious Mining Sites?

Multimining Website is one of the cloudmining sites that has been in operation since September 16, 2017 which means that this site should have built a reputation as one that should be trusted if the owners had that vision, but it hasn’t. The reason could be that it never set out to do so.

Multimining Website

What Mining Plans Does Multimining Website Offer?

Multimining Website has four mining plans, V1,V2, V3 and V4 which the platform sells at 0.009 BTC, 0.09 BTC, 0.99 BTC and  4.99 BTC respectively. They promised rewards are calculated daily ranging from 0.0000576 for V1 to 0.079 BTC for V4.

Multimining Website

However, a critical analysis of the rewards shows that this is not feasible. We were therefore curious to know how the customers of this mining site have fared these couple of years.

Many Fake Customer Reviews

What we found out about Multimining Website is that they have been paying a lot of people to write fake reviews because it is practically impossible to sustain such payments for a year talk less two years.

However, we sampled opinions of the users and found the dissenters more realistic in their reviews.

Now check this:

“ Multimining has made my Bitcoin mining so easy. I have joined MM last year, got lots of payment and whenever there is any issues their support helped me. Multimining is now improved and secure. Thank you very much.”

That review from a supposed user is most doubtful since there’s no cloudmining site that is finding things easy since 2018. Considering that the review was sent in on April 9, 2019, we concluded that having many reviews like this in support of Multimining Website is an indication that this site is paying for fake reviews.

Pay Attention Here

It didn’t take much research to get some users that sent in honest reviews such as this seen on Trustpilot:

“Enough with the fake reviews. Those who are claiming to have been paid by this site are either lying or are affiliated with the developers of the site. This site will never pay you more than your initial investment capital. Don’t be fooled by the good reviews both on their site and here. Payouts are faked but because they are professional scammers they do it professionally by creating numerous bitcoin addresses so that the payment will look genuine to potential investors. If you want to lose your money then I’ll highly recommend this site to you. If you love your money and your life don’t follow the fake good reviews on this site. I have a lot of proves [sic]. If you want proof contact me privately by replying to my review.”

Well…we were left in no doubt about the authenticity of this particular review because it is in agreement with reality. The choice is yours if you want to send your funds to this site. Our verdict is that this is a most unreliable mining site.


We know from experience that sites like this can’t be trusted. Every information on it was meant to deceive the gullible. This is why you should learn about cryptocurrencies before investing in them.

For a genuine investment site for Bitcoin education and investment, check here. If you’ve had experience with Multimining Website, please send in your comment at the comments section below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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