My Money Genie: Making Money With Social Media


One skill you need as an investor is the ability to recognize genuine investments and those that were set up to steal your funds. In this review, we shall look at MoneyGenie with the aim of assessing if this is a site that you should take seriously. This is important since there are many sites that are set up with the intention to steal from investors and others eager to make quick profit.

What is MoneyGenie?

As the name indicates, this is a site that claims it would help the user make a lot of money starting from the moment they sign up. The site is ridiculously unbelievable in its claim that the user could earn $1 when a friend clicks on their affiliate link and an additional $5 when they sign up.

This is the first clue that you are dealing with a scam. It is obviously impossible for any business to pay people for signing others who they have not made money from. What MoneyGenie is claiming here is that it pays people for just signing up. Where would that money come from?

Owner of MoneyGenie?

One of the traits of scam investment sites is that they never list the identity of their owners. This is not surprising since they never really plan to fulfill their part of any deals they enter with the users of the site.

MoneyGenie falls into the class of such sites that you should never trust. Sending your funds to a site like this means losing money.  The owner obviously doesn’t have the integrity and reputation to reveal their identity.

Fake Signup Bonus

MoneyGenieThe site despite offering payments for clicks and signups also offer a signup bonus of $35. You should know by now that this is impossible. Campaigning for this site with the hope of making some money is a total waste of time.

This is a site that is meant to deceive people with the hope that they’ll make some profit. In reality, it is a drive for traffic which the owner hopes to monetize and make some profit. The visitors, promoters and referrals would end up disappointed.

Fake Testimonies

MoneyGenieFraudsters are aware of the importance of social proof such as testimonies. That’s why many scam sites utilize these to deceive people who are not well informed.

From the MoneyGenie Site, we can see several testimonies purportedly from users, but none of these is genuine. None of the testifiers had their full name written on the site. It is obvious that they used abbreviations to stop people from trying to guess who the testifiers are and so not contact them.

One Jayson D. claimed they have received more than $193,000 from the site. This is nonsense but for the benefit of doubt, here is the testimony:

“Money Genie is a great network with really high payouts! I have been a member for over a year and have never missed a payment.”

Well…good luck to you believing that.

Lied About Site Age


Scam sites mostly would have users believe that the site has been in operation longer than it has. The reason is that people tend to trust sites that have been around a long time. They believe that older sites are more reputable. This may not be strictly true since some genuine businesses are new.

MoneyGenie claims that the site has been online since 2015, but this is not true. A Whois search of the domain shows that it was registered on January 5, 2020. What did you expect? A 3 month old site claims it has been around for 5 years because it hopes to deceive people and steal their time and money.


MoneyGenie is a no-no for every serious investor. If you’re searching for a genuine investment site that would help you grow your assets, check our top recommendation where you can use copy trading facility and get the same result as the expert investor trader you copy.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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