Myminershop – A Scam Site Wants To Sell You Cryptocurrency Miners has been promoting their scam on many review sites by paying for fake reviews. It is easy for a potential buyer of miners to be deceived.

Even with the mining difficulty increasing daily, there are still many investors that want to start mining with the hope that they would make profit. And profit is possible, considering that we have heard of solo miners actually mining blocks.

However, there are many scam mining sites just as there are many sites that pose as if they are selling mining machines. This could be a lucrative scam as there are many buyers that do not conduct due diligence before ordering from scam online shops.

Myminershop is one of the sites that promote their wares to the crypto community. If you have not come across this site and you’re considering joining the mining league, you had better go through this review.

What is Myminershop?

Myminershop is a website that specializes in selling machines for mining bitcoin and altcoins. The site is structured to give the visitor the impression that they could buy miners based on several categories such as manufacturer or type of coin that the user wants to mine.

In the manufacturer category, makers such as Ebang, Bitmain, Bitfury, Fusionsilicon, Goldshell and others were listed. While coins that the company advertised that they sell machines for mining them include Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Decred, Zcash, Monero Classic, Litecoin and Grin.

Who is Behind The Website?

There is no indication of the entity behind the platform, even though the address registered on the website is Blankenweg 40, 6827 BW, Arnhem, Netherlands. What has been observed is that the site is a replica of, an exit scam that posed as if they sold  mining machines. A background check shows that the domain was registered in May, 2020.

Why Would Anyone Buy from Myminershop?

There are many people who just do not understand how things work online. Some even believe that every site that they encounter is genuine. What people should realize is that the only reputable sites where they can buy mining machines are the sites of the makers of the machines or their official resellers’ sites.

The site even has a picture of an office with a signpost showing “Myminershop” so it is easy to actually believe that the user of the site is dealing with a real business that has the miners and ready to sell them.

Experience of Users

Scam sites usually use fake reviews to deceive the users such as this one seen on the site:

These people are straight business


“These people are straight business, they keep their word. And most important they do not scam or bs. They told me it’s going to be 10-12 days till it arrives.

Got it and was very happy with it. Yes, I am recommending”

However, the experience of those that actually attempted to buy from the site is something like this:

I’ve been scammed by for approximately $3,000 and I’ve done some research and it looks like the same scammer/scammers are/are behind …

Here is proof of payment

Transaction ID = c08880fde28f0252076a8f296bd27ccdaba6a436aba5981d43bf2b99cd43ecca

Where To Buy Bitcoin Miners

As already stated in this post, the best place to make a purchase of mining machines is the manufacturers. These will also give you a list of accredited and authorized resellers of their products. Anything short of this is likely to be scams.

Just Like A Scam Investment Site

This scam site has listed miners that have a wide range of prices to make sure that they lure people to make orders irrespective of their budgets for mining rigs. Their imaginary inventory of miners cost from $400 to $25,000.

Think of it as an investment plan save for the fact that any investor that makes an order loses their money. It seems that the mode of operation here is that they delete the accounts of those that make payments knowing that it is difficult to find them.

Putting It All Together

Myminershop is clearly a scam that will steal your money if you make the mistake of making an order on the website. Mining scams are quite lucrative. This is why a lot of online crooks are moving into it and why you must be diligent to protect your funds.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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