Mysolidcoins – A Zero Work, Free Bitcoin Scam


There are many ways scammers have devised to steal bitcoins from people. Many are obvious, while some are not. This is the essence of reviews like this, meant to show investors those websites that you should avoid, even though what they are offering seems legitimate.

One of such sites is Mysolidcoins, which has been set up to make sure that you lose your cryptocurrencies if you get involved with this site. As mentioned earlier, this is one of those not so obvious scams but we shall see why this is not a site that you should trust.

What is Mysolidcoins?

MysolidcoinsFaucets are sites that pay its users small quantities of bitcoins for actions they take on the site. Usually, the reward from faucets are extremely small and the user of such sites would have to work for many months and bring in many referrals before they can even make anything substantial out of such sites.

This is why the earnings from faucets are termed “bitcoin dust”. In reality, getting involved with faucets is no business because you cannot realistically make a living out of clicking around on a site.

Faucets are good for people who want to learn about bitcoin and possible play games for leisure. Real profit is negligible and the time spent on faucets is better spent doing something else if you’re interested in earning cryptocurrencies.

For a site we recommend, check here.

More than Just A Faucet

Mysolidcoins is a faucet, but it is not your everyday faucet because the owners have reinvented it to look like a real money-earning venture. They made it seem as if the users could earn a lot of money on the site when such users “upgrade” and pay fees to claim higher volumes of bitcoins.

This is practically impossible because Bitcoin is money and there is nothing the site is doing to generate the bitcoins they have promised to pay the users that upgraded.

It is just similar to someone telling you that you could pick hundreds of dollars in a field if you paid them a gate fee of dozens of dollars. We all know that businesses, investments and profit do not work that way.

Like Berries off the Shelf of a Supermarket

The introductory section of the site stated:

“With My Solid Coin you collect free bitcoins every second. As soon as you sign in your journey begins! You can claim the faucet at any time and instantly cashout your balance to any Bitcoin address.

Purchase treasures to earn even more bitcoins, participate in entertaining challenges to get rewarded and try your luck with awesome games.
Take advantage right away of the most paying faucet ever made!”

From the above statement, it is obvious that this is a site dedicated to making you “purchase treasures” which eventually would be worth nothing. In essence, the user makes purchases with their bitcoins hoping that they would earn some substantial amounts on this site, but would be disappointed and disenchanted after weeks or month of losses.

Like Scam Headquarters

Mysolidcoins is designed to make sure that the user loses their coins in that every advertised banner and link on the site leads to one scam or another.

It is obvious that the owner of Mysolidcoin is a serial scammer who is advertising their other scam sites using Mysolidcoins. Some of the scams advertised are a bitcoin doubling scam site, a well-known scam exchange Prime XBT and a spammy listing site, MNO.  It is obvious that the objective is to upsell something that would interest the user and take their cryptocurrencies.

Zero Work, Free Bitcoins

MysolidcoinsWhat makes you think that it is possible that Bitcoin could be earned without work as Mysolidcoins promotes on its site. If that is possible, Bitcoin would be worthless. This is why you must not take any site seriously if it makes it seem like you can get something for nothing.

Earn Bitcoin Every Second

The deceptive ‘mining’ plans advertised on the site shows that it promises its users they could earn from 5 satoshi per second to 4,630 satoshi per second, depending on how much real bitcoins they deposited on the site.

MysolidcoinsThis is a clever trick meant to steal coins of the users of this site. Do not be fooled into believing that you would win or earn anything from this site.

The deceptiveness of this site is already showing as seen on its forum. Some users are complaining that they could not make withdrawals contrary to the claims on the site that this could be done daily. One user wrote:

“You cannot claim the faucet because it is not allowed to use multiple accounts. Please I only have one account what going on?”

It is obvious that the owner of the site uses the pretext of multiple accounts to deny withdrawals because they never really had intentions to pay the users from the outset.


Faucets traditionally do not pay substantial amounts, whenever a faucet site like Mysolidcoins comes up with unrealistic payments asking people to make deposits. It is a sure indication that it has an ulterior motive.

There are better ways to make money than waste time on faucets. If you’re interested in investing your funds, do that on a regulated investment site where your funds will be safe. For the site that we recommend for investors, check here.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

6 thoughts on “Mysolidcoins – A Zero Work, Free Bitcoin Scam

  1. 100% can confirm this is a scam on the 4th the forums were disabled so nobody could post and withdrawals haven’t been possible due to “server node maintenance”. Plus why would the CEO of a multi million dollar financial firm make a janky faucet whilst posting on forums? You mean to tell me a random guy in Switzerland incorporated a business under the name Sarah Locke with an biz address that is an old warehouse whilst employing people in the US? The sad thing is people are still investing and the site is still operational. These scammers need to have some sort of repercussions and not mob around completely unchecked stealing, cheating and lying.

    1. Excuse me, the business was incorporated in the UK. I think notifying the person who’s name is being falsely used to promote and sell the false legitimacy of this should be contacted

  2. is a confirmed real scam. You’ll never be able to withdraw. Firstly they say you withdraw once you reach 100000 at a fee of 50000. On reaching 100000, you need to upgrade in order to withdraw, meaning you need at least 200000. You upgrade and earn 10 fake 10 sat per minute. You reach 100000, meaning you’ve actually reached 300000. On trying to withdraw, again you need to upgrade. This means you’ll never reach a stage when you can withdraw. This confirms this is a 100% scam. You may waste your time reach any figure but will never withdraw. Stay away from this scam.

  3. All over the internet I could see Bitcoin was doing well, it seemed like a pretty smart investment so I put some money into this trading platform. At the beginning all looked good unti I needed to make a withdrawal, then was told I needed to upgrade my membership with more funds, which I did and my balance was looking awesome investments on the platform looked fantastic. My broker is a terrible individual, I was cajoled into investing so much until I was knee deep in debt.

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