Nano Network Gets Smarter With Athena

Nano Athena

Nano recently announced its latest protocol upgrade, Athena v21. The essence is to make the network smarter and faster while ensuring that it is spam resistant. The Athena has attributes that adds considerable advancements to Nano in that it enhanced the quality of data shared by nodes on the network.

One of the features of the Athena is Node Telemetry. This makes it possible to understand how well the network is functioning. This is possible because certain piece of data is shared immediately between nodes. The effect is an overall view of what is happening on the network.

The upgrade will lead to better management of elections on the network. It unleashes additional improvements on the process by making it easy to monitor what goes on because it incorporates additional throughputs for nodes. There is a general increased efficiency in processing transactions while the voting behavior is streamlined.

This streamlined voting behavior was first proposed by Nano developer Srayman. This remarkable feature would reduce traffic and load on the Principal Representatives (PR) because votes will no longer be relayed by them.

According to a Medium post by the Nano team:

“This new voting communication scheme still allows for sufficient propagation of votes to reach quorum extremely fast while reducing bandwidth by about 50% during beta network testing.”

The Athena would lead to a more robust Nano network. This is why the team is asking users to get involved in the forum to brainstorm on the upcoming release with the expectation of a strengthened network that incorporates faster confirmation time and spam resistance,


Author: Jofor Humani

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