Nano Network Requires Just 0.000112kWH Of Energy For A Transaction On Its Network

Nano low energy demand

Nano, the low fee, eco-friendly blockchain network could run on power provided by a single turbine. This is according to a statement made by the Nano team via its Twitter channel on July 6. The team stated that the whole Nano network is a low energy platform in terms of the power needed to run it.

The tweet specifically said that a transaction on the Nano network requires just 0.000112kWH of energy for a single transaction on its network. Comparing this with the energy demand of Bitcoin, Nano consumes 15.5 million less energy than BTC.

According to Nano, this is evidence that the Nano network is sustainable.

The full Twitter post says:

“#Nano only uses 0.000112kWH of energy per transaction. That’s 15,500,000 less than #bitcoin! Even more mind-blowing, the entire nano network could run on the power provided by 1 wind turbine!”

How To Grow Nano Awareness

The Nano team responded to an inquiry on the way to create awareness of the potentials of the blockchain network. They said that this could be done by individual community members and groups through the organization of events and meet-ups with the aim of educating others about the prospects of the Nano network.

Lower Energy Demand Than VISA

The energy demand of Nano is also approximately 10 times less than that of VISA transactions. This was the observation of @3__meow, a community member in their comment to the Nano tweet.

Another user, DeNiro, said that Nano is a great coin, even though it has not been listed on Coinbase.

DDOS Attack On Nano Site

A Nano user, Netadex, has complained that there has been a pending issue on Trust Wallet. They wanted to know why NANO is reporting maintenance mode on the wallet. In their response, the Nano team said that it had nothing to do with the Nano network, which has been working fine, despite a DDOS attack in May.

In their response, the Nano teams said that:

“It is a Trust Wallet issue but not a nano network issue. The network works fine as usual.”

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