Nano News : Announcing Most Significant Addition To Lydia

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The Nano team announced this week that its Nano proof of work addition to the Lydia protocol is the result of several months of hard work.

The team stated that the V20 Lydia which is almost ready for launch would add significant features to the network.

Commenting on the project, the Nano Foundation project manager, Zach Hyatt wrote in a Medium post that Lydia would bring the most anticipated features to the Nano network.

According to a recent update by Andy Johnson on Medium,

“Our unique memory-hard proof of work algorithm will make the Nano network more robust than ever.”

New Addition To Nano Foundation 

Meanwhile the Nano team has continued to welcome new members. The most recent among them is Adam Edwards who joins the foundation with 21 years experience in IT law. He was a partner at Wedlake Bell, a London city law firm and has expertise in commercial and technology law.

With increased scrutiny of the cryptocurrency industry, more platforms are looking towards readying for future compliance challenges.

Adams who joins the Nano Foundation as General Counsel and adviser would oversee the progressive roll-out of nano as a currency.

With his experience in IT law which comprises software, blockchain, data, privacy, information technology, computing, and e-commerce, as well as having expertise in corporate law and the protection of intellectual property rights, he is eminently qualified to guide the foundation in the next phase of roll-out and adoption.

Contributions To Decentralization

Nano is widening its audience through community contribution. To this effect, it is inviting members to contribute ideas through articled that would be the input of the community through a coordinated effort.

The Nano team is committed to its decentralization effort which it stated is in the hands of the community with the platform close to 100 Principal Representatives. Representative rights could be changed by any member through their wallet settings according to the recent release.


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