Nano Update: Integrates With Exodus Wallet

The Nano team last week announced its integration with Exodus wallet, one of the popular multicurrency wallets in the industry. This was released through a Medium post published on October 18.

The release stated that the wallet added Nano to its desktop and mobile wallets applications. This would enable holders of the cryptocurrency to access and use it through the more established wallet. The effect is a wider integration of the Nano cryptocurrency into the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The wider exposure was lauded as another remarkable progress by Nano in its quest to:

“strengthening the already well-provisioned wallet ecosystem, it brings exposure and usability for Nano users who wish to store it with their other digital money holdings.”


Exodus wallet can be independently accessed through the platform’s website where it could be downloaded.

In a similar development, the Nano plugin for the Unreal Engine 4 was released recently. It would enable developers to integrate Nano with the gaming platform which means that gamers would be able to make Nano transactions via the gaming platform.

The release stated that activities such as completing game quests, spend in-game, use faucets, and anything else that creative developers can come up with would be made possible through the integration of the plugin.

The team further announced that its Google campaign center has been a success garnering more than 20,000 impressions in a southern Asian country.

The campaign launched by the Nano Center combined with the recent listing of Nano on DragonEx has made a lot of impact. Many first time users have started trying out Nano faucets and easy to use wallet.

Have you heard that Nano is a green choice when it comes to money? This is the impression passed by through the collaboration between the conservationist filmmaker, James Levelle who is recently chronicling his race to the UN Climate Conference in Chile and Nano.

The filmmaker stated that people have choice even on how they transact, adding that Nano efficient and sustainable nature makes it a currency of choice for lovers of nature.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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