Neo Foundation and Gumi Crypto In Strategic Partership

Neo Foundation Ltd and Gumi Crypto recently announced a strategic partnership that would enable the entities benefit from each other’s technological expertise with the view of advancing the Japanese blockchain industry.

Speaking on the partnership, the CEO of Gumi Crypto Inc. which is the parent company of Gumi Crypto announced that it is part of the company’s objective of advancing the blockchain technology in Japan through collaboration with overseas companies with the technical know-how that meets its strategic objective of becoming a prominent player in the Japanese blockchain industry.

Neo Foundation Limited is a leading Chinese decentralized platform that is building a distributed ledger technology that specialized on the creation of smart contracts and economy.

The platform allows the tokenization of assets as well as building of decentralized applications. Its NEP-5 standard is more like the Ethereum ERC-20 that supports the building and issuance of tokens and dApps. Many have said that Neo is the Chinese version of Ethereum.

Blockchain Promotion for Next Gen Web

The main thrust of the partnership is the promotion of blockchain. Gumi Crypto would play an active role in the promotion of the Neo blockchain in the Japanese market with the view to building the next generation web. Gumi is strategically selecting overseas blockchain concerns that have the technological expertise to help project its objective of blockchain advancement on the island nation.

The proliferation of decentralized apps would enhance user experience in the gaming industry which is one of the foci of Gumi. This is why the emphasis of the cooperation would be synergizing taking advantage of the strengths of the partners.

Hironao Kunimitsu, the CEO of Gumi Crypto Inc. stated concerning the Neo Foundation partnership

“We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with NEO, one of the top blockchain projects from China. Through this partnership, we look forward to supporting NEO’s Japanese market entry while strengthening gumi Cryptos’ global ecosystem. Moreover, this partnership also represents our commitment to advancing blockchain technology by facilitating technological exchange between overseas markets and Japan.”

About Neo Foundation Ltd And Gumi Crypto

Neo was founded in 2014 and successfully migrated to its mainnet which has been stable for nearly 3 years. It is one of the Chinese success stories in the blockchain sphere.

Gumi Crypto is the blockchain arm of the Gumi Inc which seeks to enhance user experience in gaming using the decentralized platform. The company is enthused with the technology and has been actively investing in promising blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies.



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