NEO Super Reveiw: We May Be Looking At A big Scam

neo super


This Neo Super review is to show that the project may not be what it says and how it seems.

People say that if it sounds too good to be true, know it’s not true. This project claims to want to fork the Neo coin but going through a 7 page whitepaper they presented on their site leaves a lot to be desired.

What is the Neo Super Project?

According to the website,

“The Super Neo is a new decentralized currency that will be founded on a snapshot of popular Neo, based on ETH algorithm and with the fastest speed”

The project stated that it is going to fork the Neo platform on November 10 granting all holders of NEO double the value in Neo Super.

The website further stated that miners will be rewarded with 5 Neo Super per block instructing prospective miners to get the mining software from the project GitHub repository.

What is the State of the Project?

The Neo Super team seems in a hurry to have the project over with. The project road-map has a total duration of just 3 months. Considering that it has no real coding presence at Github, any discerning investor should think twice before putting money in this project.

Who Are Behind the Neo Super Project?

One thing to watch out for in a project to determine if it is genuine is the team behind it.

A project that the team intentionally hides behind the scene may not be genuine. A project that uses a fake team is definitely not genuine.

neo super reviewThis is the case with the Neo Super. The team members are fake. This obviously is the reason the website has no links to their social media accounts.

Furthermore, they copied the profile of the team from another project called Callisto. The profile of the Callisto team was copied and used for Neo super team.

neo super reviewGenuine projects always ensure that people can reach the team and know they are real people. The Neo Super project also plagiarized most of the content on their website and whitepaper, including the team profile.

The quality of the content leaves a lot to be desired. A poorly written content is a sure indication that the project is a scam.

From a technical point of view, it is apparent that the individual or people behind the project do not know what they are talking about. This is why they mixed up a fork with a smart contract.

What they wanted is to use the Neo name for hype while stealing investors’ money using a smart contract.

The domain, was created on October 1 2018 and would expire October 1 2019. This is a clear sign that it is a website that plans to be short-lived.


A fork is supposed to be a major technical and social impact project. The Neo Super planned fork is a joke at best. From the team that plagiarized their profile from other sources to the empty Github page.

All these are pointers that putting money in this project that is both a fork and a smart contract is throwing money down the drain.

Scammers are getting emboldened because many investors do not research before purchasing digital tokens. This ought not be so.

Neo Super is just another scam. If you’re thinking of a genuine investment platform, check our recommendation.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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