Netflix Set To Partner With Crypto Platform, WhiteBIT

Netflix, a leading online entertainment provider, and WhiteBIT, a digital asset trading platform, have agreed to be partners. This partnership was disclosed by the founder of WhiteBIT, Vladimir Nosov, in a post on his Instagram page.

“Life is one big series and each of us chooses his own role in it. Yes, @whitebit and I have chosen and will play the role of the official crypto partner of the European branch @netflix. We are claiming the Golden Globe within this partnership.”

Netflix-WhiteBIT partnership

Nosov further explained that the coalition of the two firms would enable Netflix lovers to make payments for their subscriptions through digital currencies. He, however, stated that this service would be available by the end of this year.

Similarly, the digital asset exchange reveals that they will partner with Netflix and a third partner whose identity is still unknown, to inaugurate a cryptocurrency learning platform. WhiteBIT’s representative added that they still have more digital assets-related projects.

Nosov added that they plan to launch a ten-episode debut series on Netflix. He, however, saved the details of the series for a later date. He further stated that partnering with a top brand like Netflix moves them closer to achieving one of their goals.

“Partnership with a brand of such a level for us, as the largest European cryptocurrency exchange originally from Ukraine, is another step towards achieving our goal: the massive introduction of blockchain technology around the world,” Nosov said.”

WhitePay to accept crypto payment

In August, WhitePay, which also belongs to the WhiteBIT ecosystem, introduced digital assets. It will enable buyers to exchange crypto for products purchased from Ukraine’s biggest hardware chain store. This was revealed in a tweet on their Twitter handle @Whitepay_com.

Buyers can make payments through forms obtained from online stores or offline, using special POS terminals. WhitePay platform will regulate the payments and provide customer support and system improvement.


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