Notion Cash Trades Personal Data

Notion Cash

People mostly are deceived into getting involved with sites such as Notion Cash due to the lure of easy money. If you’re interested in the no work much pay idea, this is one of those sites that would easily lure you in with promises of easy money.

For instance, this site boldly advertises that every sign up gets a $25 bonus for doing nothing. This means that they supposedly would pay 100 enrollees some $2,500.

Ordinarily, this is enough reason to show every visitor to the site that this is an obvious scam, but we are aware that there are many that wouldn’t easily identify the error in getting involved in a scam such as this. This is the essence of this review.

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What is Notion Cash?

Notion CashNotion Cash is a get paid to do site which claims that users of the platform would earn payments for testing apps and doing other tasks. The site also claims that there are exclusive tasks that the users would complete and earn up to 93 percent of the revenue generated.

It calls itself a money maker club and encourages people to participate if they need to terminate their worries for money. Interestingly, it claims to have more than 185,000 members and it is questionable that such site could be doling out $25 bonus for new members.

What is obvious is that they couldn’t possibly have given such bonus to every member since there is no clear evidence that the site is involved in any profitable venture.

There are indications that Notion Cash is a complete waste of time and an unreliable site meant to attract traffic for the benefit of just the owners. This is despite the claims that the site would give its users financial freedom as it stated:

The solution is to start in your teens and begin earning now. Notion Cash helps you do exactly that by allowing you to complete tasks and convert your social media influence into real cash that you can use now! With no experience when they started off with us, over 185,000 of our members have earned $1000+ amounts, all while sitting at home. For a limited time, we’re offering a $25 FREE bonus to new registrations!”

In reality, no small company would give away $25 indefinitely to so many users for doing nothing. This is an indication that Notion Cash is not worthwhile.

Just Join And Get Paid?

This is the strategy employed by many platforms to lure new users and the Notion Cash website seems to do this very well. It claims that what the user need do is complete some surveys and get paid 90 percent of the revenue generated. In other words, the company takes just 10 percent.

It is effectively claiming that with its AI algorithm, it could find what companies and merchants need after using its users to get accurate opinions.

A Data Harvesting Scam

You do not need an expert to understand that this site is just interested in your data, as well as your tastes and inclination as far as making purchases is concerned. In reality, no participant would earn anything from this site because its objectives would have been accomplished after the user signs up.

Everyone knows that the data market is a big one and people who sell personal information are making a killing out of it. This is why sites like Notion Cash are springing up and using false promises to lure in users.

The testimonials are all false since this  site cannot realistically make such payments as shown, even if they did, it is a ploy to build greater publicity so that there would be more users signing up and submitting their personal information – the very ingredient that the Notion Cash platform is hunting for.

Who is the Owner?

It is not surprising that the site did not identify its owner. Such sites never give away the identities of their owners because they’re aware that they wouldn’t keep to their promise of payments to the users.

Notion CashA whois search shows that the domain was registered on March 12, 2019. Obviously, the claims that the site has hundreds of thousands of users is false.

All information about the owner of the platform was hidden using an anonymous service. It is not even possible to know when the domain was registered. When a site has something to hide, you can bet it’s a scam.

Linked To Other Scam Sites

Some of the testimonials on the NotionCash site and the payment proofs have been used on other sites such as ViralDollars.

You have to bear in mind that most reviews you find about scams and even the testimonies may be sponsored by the scammers themselves, so you must not be taken in by them and waste your time with sites such as this.


The email addresses of their registered members are sold. That is why you get various emails in your inbox from unknown emails. Notion Cash makes money from traffic and data. Participation in this site will only waste your time and pay you nothing.

It is essential to always make a research about platforms before you register. You definitely would gain nothing from this site. If you’re interested in the site that we recommend for folks that need to make money, please check here.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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