Nroi Trade – The Quest To Be On Top Makes You Lose Your funds

Nroi Trade

You may have heard of or come across Nroi Trade in your quest for a worthwhile investment. Apparently, you want to know more about this alternative in your bid to grow your assets or even become rich.

If this is your situation, I encourage you to pay attention to this review before sending your funds to this site.

A common trend that we have observed in recent years is that fraud sites have become common. This has been a source of concern to the cryptocurrency community because the upcoming industry needs goodwill of investors if it would become a mainstream phenomenon.

We shall examine the business in this post as one of those investment sites that investors need to take note of in their quest to make profit.

What is Nroi Trade?

Nroi TradeAccording to information available on the site, company trades on bitcoins. Its trading activity is supposedly so lucrative that it seems to share a good chunk of its profits with its investors.

The site stated that the entity behind it is a UK registered company even though it did not provide any evidence to that effect.

It also averred that it has some of the best professionals in the industry, thereby assuring its investors that they would be in profit sooner than later.

A Promise To Make You Rich

This trade and investment site promises to make the investor rich through what it called passive income.

On the site’s main page, it advertised that the participants in the investment scheme of this company could earn up to 50,000 percent on their investments.

This is a very bold claim considering that they claim it could be achieved in just 3 days. However, a close scrutiny on the site shows that this is just an attempt to convince the investor to join an obvious ponzi scheme that could crash in a few weeks or months.

Should You Trust This Site?

Even though the site claims that the experience of the team sets it apart as a reliable partner, we have serious doubt about the scheme and its intent, especially because of the promises it made.

We conducted an extensive research and noticed that the content of the website is not original. We also noticed that most of the web copy was ramblings copied from other site to create the impression of expertise which the operators may not have.

Address in Residential Area

Nroi TradeA company that could not prove that it even has a physical address and phone number cannot be trusted. What happens when something goes wrong and you want to reach them?

According to the site, only VIP investors could gain access to the phone number. The London address given as 7 Acer Road London is located in a residential area.

Rambling to Impress

The first impression an experienced cryptocurrency user would have about this site is that it is a fraud that is eager to impress the uninformed that it knows a lot about the cryptosphere.

For example, the About Us page in trying to explain how the company makes money stated:

“BTC is more than just a decoration; it is also a lucrative business venture. Next to real estate, BTC is one of the most profitable ventures that you can try, and this is mostly due to the stability in returns for investors.”

Of course, this is absolute gibberish and shows that the people behind the site know next to nothing about cryptocurrencies. Perhaps, their expertise ends with the knowledge of how to receive coins after incorporating wallet to the site.

The copywriting of the site continued:

“At Nroi Trade, we are fully committed to purchasing the finest and most recent of contemporary BTC to meet the vast investment needs of different clients. We pride ourselves in having an in-depth understanding of the dynamics prevalent in the BTC market. In lieu of this, we are able to predict the best time to invest in BTC or buy items of BTC.”  

Unless you’re not conversant with the dynamics of the coin market, there is no way you wouldn’t know that there is nothing professional about this site.

Plagiarism Detected!

Nroi TradeWe can see the result of the plagiarism test conducted on a copy of the content from the Nroi Trade home page. It is clearly a popular line among many scam sites.

Every legitimate business is known for the originality of its site content. Scams usually copy their content from other sites because fraudsters are most times too lazy to create their own web copy.

Over the years, this has been a recurring issue. The advantage of this is that it is one feature that could easily help you identify sites that have scammers behind them.

Most of the content on the site were plagiarized from other sources without attribution. This is a dishonest practice and gives an insight into the type of people behind the site.

No Registration Certificate

Even though the company claims that it is registered in the UK, it did not show any evidence through the display of a certificate or listing of its company registration number.

Even though being registered with the UK Company House does not mean that a business is legitimate, every site that claims it is registered should provide proof so that investors could verify if they have license to render financial services.

It also gives the investor opportunity to check the financial statement of such companies to verify if the claims they made on their income is accurate.

Nroi TradeA Whois search shows that the Nroi Trade domain has been registered since February 9, 2014. If this is a legitimate business, it would have filed several financial statements with the Company House, but it hasn’t.

So why should you invest in a company like this?

Investment Plans

An overview of the investment plans shows that this is a high yield investment program, offering returns that are not feasible. Some of the ROI are 700 percent in 1 day, 6000 percent in 2 days and 50,000 percent in 3 days.

Needless to say, these returns were meant to lure uninformed investors to send funds to this site. What is obvious is that this scheme would morph to an exit scam down the line.

Sometimes, scammers actually pay a few small investors for publicity. These ponzi style scams pay these investors using funds generated from new investors. This would keep the system operational for months or even years until new participants dry up.

No legitimate company would promise specific return. None would offer rates far beyond what is possible in the market.

Nroi Trade


The reason scams thrive is that fraudsters are aware that many investors do not carry out background checks on the businesses that offer them investment opportunities.

Losing your money is easy because scammers are developing innovative means of luring people into their schemes by gaining their trust.

You must learn never to trust a random or an unknown site. The right sites to invest with are regulated investment companies that have built online reputation. You may check here for our top recommendation which would help you grow your assets.

What information do you have about HYIP such as Nroi Trade? Please share with us using the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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