Nuvoo – Making Your Crypto Mining Dream A Reality

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Getting a cryptocurrency mining contract is a dream that many people have. The main challenge is getting the right mining firm that is actually in business of coin extraction. This is why we are analyzing Nuvoo, a crypto mining company that is offering one year contract to investors.

Nuvoo in A Nutshell

NuvooAccording to the company, it makes getting your first mining contract two clicks away. It also claims to be a safe and transparent mining company that gives new entrants the opportunity to get involved in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Nuvoo features a high security panel that ensures that enables users to manage their contracts effectively claiming that it has some of the best electricity rates which is a prerequisite to profitable mining.

Designed for Profit

Even though there is no guarantee that mining would be profitable, Nuvoo says that it has figured out ways to make sure that all modalities are put in place to help the company make profit for itself and its customers.

Some of these are setting up their farm in Quebec which it said has the perfect climate to save cost on energy.

Proof of Mining Activity

One of the challenges cloud mining companies face these days is legitimacy. This is the result of having online so many sites with questionable intent. In reality, more than 90 percent of sites that claim they’re mining cryptocurrencies are scams designed to steal the money of the contract buyer.

This is why genuine cloudmining companies sometimes provide proof that shows they’re actually legitimate and transparent businesses.

Aside laying claims to profitable mining operation, Nuvoo actually shows its customers that it is mining cryptocurrencies through its webcam access which the customer can use to view the company’s mining farm located in Quebec.

This sets Nuvoo apart as a genuine company which people interested in mining contracts can use to incrementally build their crypto holdings.

Company History

According to the site, Nuvoo started operation in 2016 in Canada, specializing in high density computer hardware. These require cooling and high demand for electricity. The company has since evolved to more efficient system.

The company’s address was provided as 2828 Boulevard Laurier, tour 1,7e étage, Québec, QC G1V 0B9

Mining Plans

NuvooNuvoo has four mining plans with one year contract. These are Starter at $25, Bronze at $125, Silver at $375 and Gold at $750.

The company maintains that there’s no fee charged for maintenance and that its uptime is 99.9 percent.

Nuvoo claims that it runs the largest cloudmining operation in Canada with its Bitcoin contract designed to be a game changer.

A Cheaper Alternative

Although the leading cloudmining company, Genesis sells out most of its contracts easily, Nuvoo claims that its Bitcoin mining contract is 50% cheaper than what Genesis offers.

There is a monthly payment for large contracts which enables Nuvoo customers to build their holdings through profitable contracts.

According to LeBlanc, the founder and CEO of Nuvoo,

“We have the most advanced platform to manage cloud mining activity with the most efficient affiliate plan. The time has come for the world to know that Nuvoo is a far more stable cryptomining platform compared to Genesis, tipped by many to be the world’s largest cloud mining company,”

The advantage the company has over its competitors is the lower cost of its mining contracts that are open ended. Buyers can also make daily withdrawals if they have accumulated the minimum that can be withdrawn which is presently 0.002 BTC.


Nuvoo is one of the few reliable cloudmining businesses in an industry that has been marred by scams. This is why we’re giving it a positive review even though mining operations are generally not very profitable at this time.

Nuvoo and a few others cloudmining services may help you make some profit, but if you’re searching for a real investment that would make a real difference to your financial situation, here’s our recommendation.

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Author: Jofor Humani

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