Oneclickcrypto – Will You Jumpstart Your Earnings By Investing On This Site?


The prospect of earning cryptocurrencies or even becoming wealthy through investment in cryptocurrencies is real. It is so real that there are people that have become overnight millionaires just because they came across Bitcoin in the early days when it was easy to mine and own. Howbeit, Oneclickcrypto is a site that is saying you can still earn through it.

In this post, we shall analyze what the site is offering with the view to ascertaining if it is actually an investment site that you can depend on in your quest to earn digital assets that could make a difference in your finances.

What is Oneclickcypto?

This is a site that claims that it is involved in the mining and trading of cryptocurrencies. The owners claimed that they are professionals that have been making profit through these activities due to their expertise in these fields.

OneclickcryptoAccording to the site:

“ is a premium cryptocurrency mining and trading platform dedicated to offering the most remarkable experiences. With over a decade of experience in the financial and advisory sectors, we gained a great deal of knowledge and experience, and are ready to offer professional assistance to individuals in determining the right option for their financial investment endeavors.”

Is This A Reliable Site?

What we have noticed over the years is increasing number of sites that use mining of bitcoins and other digital currencies as well as trading them as front to solicit for investment from people. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if these entities are actually involved in these productive activities.

What is happening is that malicious players are taking advantage of the popularity of digital currencies to defraud people. Their approach is simply setting up these scam investment sites without a single proof that they have the expertise to mine cryptocurrencies or trade them.

These fraudsters succeed mainly because there are many users who know little about the innovation and how cryptocurrencies work. Another thing the fraudsters have going for them is that there are many people who never research before sending their funds to strangers.

This is the reason why investigative sites like Cryptoinfowatch work hard to provide this information to people who are searching for them by showing readers how to research investment proposals and detect those that are scams.

High Yield Investment Scam

You will notice on the Oneclickcrypto site that the ROI offered is higher than what is reasonable. The Securities and Exchange Commission makes it clear that scammers use high ROI as bait to convince uninformed investors.

According to the SEC website:

“Compare promised yields with current returns on well-known stock indexes. Any investment opportunity that claims you’ll get substantially more could be highly risky. And that means you might lose money.”

A look at the investment plans on the site shows that it promises up to 300 percent in 1 day. Ask yourself the possibility that you’d invest $1000 today and get paid $3000 tomorrow.

If there is an investment that has the potential of yielding that sort of profit, the scammers behind the site would use their own funds to finance it, or even borrow from the bank to finance it and make all the profit for themselves.

That they’re asking people to make investment deposit means that their interest is in the funds that they’ll receive from the investors. They’ll just steal the funds that were deposited and shut down the site when they feel they have made enough and that the pressure from those they stole from is getting high.

Plagiarized Content

One of the features of scam investment sites aside the fact that they try to present quick and big profit potentials to the investors is that the scammers behind them usually plagiarize the content from other sites.

OneclickcryptoThe fraudsters behind Oneclickcrypto copied the content of the site from another scam site that is called Bitfortune Global. This is why a simple Google search of the quoted section above (deleting   would return Bitfortune Global on the top Google result if.

Cloned Site from Another Scam

It is evident that Oneclickcrypto was cloned from the defunct scam, Bitfortune Global. It is also a possibility that the fraudster behind the two sites is the same individual since fraudsters usually move from scam to scam. For instance, the Elitefinfx scammers that stole thousands of dollars from people have already launched a new scam called Efx 2.0.

A close look at the Oneclickcrypto site content would reveal a portion of the site that the editor overlooked to delete the name of Bitfortune global.



You have to bear in mind that fraudsters have no reputation to protect. Their interest is just to steal your money irrespective of how hard you worked to earn it. This is why research and education is the only thing that would stand between your money and a fraudster.

Never invest in a random site just because it promises high returns. The high interest or profit is actually bait meant to lure you and steal your money.

Who is the Owner of the Site?

Fraud sites never reveal the identity of the owners for obvious reasons. Oneclickcrypto did not even bother posting a faked id like many other fraud sites. This is an indication that sending your funds to this site would not just result in losses but you’d have no one to hold responsible for your loss.

Genuine investment sites have known managers and owners. They leave no one in doubt that they run their businesses in accordance with best practices governing the industry they operate in.

False Claims And Data




A search of the domain on Whois shows that was registered on September 4, 2019. This is less than 60 days ago yet the site claims that it has been operating for 1,296 days.

Scam sites lie about their duration online because they want to deceive users to think that they’re reliable and have been paying their investors for longer periods.

Hunting for Trust

Genuine investment sites do not expend a lot of energy soliciting for trust. They let you know what to expect and the risks you may be exposed to. This is unlike fraudulent sites like Oneclickcrypto that claim:

“We view our platform as a partnership. We’re not just here to simply facilitate the nuts and bolts of cryptocurrency mining and trading. We are here to empower our network of participants with strong supporting features, tailored customer support and a personal, meaningful financial plan that suits the needs of the individual.

We work with every client and participant on an individual level in order to determine what financial success looks like to you and to help you clearly define your financial goals. We create a plan accordingly to help you find success on our platform.

We combine our personal engagement with you and our history in financial and wealth management to create a truly unique opportunity driven by profitability and low risk.”

Low risk…really?


From the foregoing, it is evident that the data provided on the Oneclickcrypto site were falsified to deceive the prospective investors. You wouldn’t be fooled with promises of high profits.

There are genuine investment sites that could help you earn profit. For the site that we recommend, check here and take advantage of the social copy trading system. You would get exactly the same result as the professional trader you copy with a simple “copy” button.

What is your opinion about Oneclickcrypto? Please share them using the comment box below. You can also report suspected scams using the contact form above. This would enable us research and expose them so that investors are protected.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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