Onioni.am – A Scam Darknet Site


How would you describe a site that proudly announces that it is earning its rewards by participating in shady deals on the DarkNet? This is exactly what Onioni.am claims it does even though it has not provided any evidence to show that. Not that it is easy for such evidence to be verified since the dark corner of the web is generally restricted to illegal dealings.

We checked on the site’s Telegram channel and found that it is of Russian origin since most of the communication there are in Russian. On its sticky post, it announced:

“We are creating community of people, has been earning in shady internet, this chat is first step for it. Active users of chat will get bonuses of our team. All major promotions will be here. Moreover, you can communicate, ask questions, share informations [sic] and success.”

Since the setup was novel, Cryptoinfowatch asked the owner

“This is actually the first scam site that I’ve seen that is proud to announce it is dealing in criminal activities. It seems that the crime isn’t paying so well that you decided to solicit for funds from investors. Why is that?”

In response, they asked us to read the description very well. In other words, the owners are saying that they are going to pay people bonuses for using their chat group. Now that is even weird since we just do not have an idea where the money is going to come from.

So we asked,

 “In the light of this how do you hope to make the money you’ll pay the participants in your scheme?”

While waiting for their response, it is important to know that the site promised to pay 2% of the capital invested, not monthly or weekly but daily. Now this is ridiculous. Even more stupefying was the response that we got:

“It makes no sense to talk about it. You still won’t believe it, but I don’t want to prove it. Better to show.”

In other words, a site that is involved in some illegal activities is asking people to invest their funds in their shady dealings and get 60% of their investment monthly. How do they hope to make it?


If it is possible, you can be sure that the owner of the site would not be so broke that they are demanding for investors’ funds. So we decided to run a background check on the site, not just because it is dubious but to show our readers the signs that they should watch out for when they encounter fraudsters irrespective of where and when.

Owner Identity Not Known

The first sign that a site may not be trustworthy is that the owner makes careful effort to hide their identity. This means that there is no way that the investors would be able to get their money back if something goes wrong.

Scam investment sites generally operate on the premise that people would trust them because they put up an appearance of reliability. They accomplish this through many ways such as use of false data on the site, false testimonies or even giving the impression that they have been online a long time and have been paying huge profit to early participants.

In extreme cases, scam sites are just ponzi schemes that pay the initial investors from the funds deposited by the new investors. This motivates the older investors to promote the scheme massively and lure in many others. When the scammer feels they have made enough money, the scheme turns an exit scam as the fraud site is shut down and the fraudster makes away with all the funds. This is the point at which every participant realized they have been fooled.

No Reputation

OnioniamMost people would be at loss what to do when they have been scammed on the internet. This is complicated by the situation in which the identity of the owner is not known. You can see that Onioni.am is a relatively new site with registration of the domain on April 9, 2019. This site sure won’t be online for too long.

It is important therefore that online investments not be taken lightly. Savvy investors never make investments with random sites. They rather focus on regulated investment sites that have built a reputation online and offline. These are regulated businesses whose owners are known to operate based on best practices.

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Author: Chris Mharc

Hello, I am Christ Marc, a young crypto enthusiast who has been in the market for a few years, I heard from bitcoin via a few friends and since then I became deeply interesred in this technology, now I am pursuing my studies with the incentive to master tomorrow's technology.

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