Ontology Reports Progress in September

The Ontology team recently released its September 2020 report. This showcased the activities of the platform in its quest to accelerate what it called the DeFi movement.

According to the report, September, 2020 has been a very good month for the project in terms of progress and accomplishments.  As we continue our endeavors to accelerate the DeFi movement we must not fail to reveal that the month of September 2020 has been one of Ontology’s most successful months till date.

‘Wing’, a credit-integrated DeFi project that was built on Ontology released its whitepaper. The project’s Flash Pool also increased

The launch of Wing’s Flash Pool Mining Celebration through which users can be rewarded up to 10-folds has seen increased participation. Then there is the listing of ONT and ONG on Uniswap

There have also been three voting rounds completed on Wing DAO with multiple swap enabled.

The release stated that some of the developmental achievements by the platform includes optimization of the mainnet which comprised Ontology v2.1.1 which had the Alpha phase released. There’s also the Ontology GraphQL and Rust Wasm contract supporting platform that were released.

In product development for the ONTO, versions 3.3.0 and 3.4.0 were completed, while the platform was linked with TRON and Polkadot. There also were upgrades Credential functions.

Other upgrades have to do with transactional system. There have been a 3000% increase in user as 82 new dApps have been launched. there presently are 6.1 million dApp transactions.


The project reported increase in community members, especially in Sweden, Vietnam and Tagalog. There’s also a boost in the trading community.

The listing of ONT and ONG on Uniswap is the outcome of the mapping of the Ethereum blockchain. The improvement of the block propagation and block recovering speed and the partnership with Chainstack are part of the performance testing with bloXroute.

According to the release,

“Starting from September 8th, ONT could now be deposited in Wing Flash Pool. Flash Pool started releasing WING tokens as incentives for mining in the genesis pool on September 12th. Users can participate in Flash Pool by using Cyano Wallet or ONTO Wallet.”

There were series of events that have been organized to boost awareness for the platform, even as there have been efforts to board in skills that would help in advancing the vision of the Ontology project.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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