Opensea Announces Contract Upgrade For Better User Experience

The NFT marketplace, Opensea, announced that its contract upgrade started on Saturday, February 19. The platform stated in a release that the new update would ensure that inactive listings by users expire. This would enable the activation of new safety features.

According to a release by the company, the migration to the new smart contract would take 7 days and would be completed on Friday, February, 25.

An update seen on the company’s site stated that all listings created prior to February 18 will expire by February 25, when the migration to the new contract would be completed. The new contract will also add features such as bulk cancellation.

The impact of the new contract would necessitate creators to manually migrate any listings that they were unable to migrate on Friday, the 25th.

Manual Migration of Listings

Generally, listings that are not migrated within the window period will expire and can be re-listed by the creators manually. The update stated that the re-listing of expired listings are without charge and can be done freely on the platform. A demo on the shows how users can conveniently relist their expired listings on the Opensea platform.

Issues Associated With Migration

Some creators have complained that their accounts with Opensea have been affected one way or the other. Some complained that their accounts were closed. It is not clear if the issue is associated with the marketplace’s migration to the new smart contract.

A creator on the platform, @LFakrealami  wrote that her account at Opensea was closed without notice and that she has contacted the support of the company to have the issue resolved.

She added that:

“Opensea did not send me any message that there was a problem on my part”

Another user of the platform said that they have more than 100 collectibles listed but have had no views.

“What about my account since a month ago I created more than 100 NFTs but still nothing has happen and no views on my NFT or account”

The platform also announced that there has been phishing attack attempts on the users of the site.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.