OpenSea Pro launches on Polygon, supports cross-chain asset exchange


OpenSea Pro, the NFT marketplace aggregator for high-volume buyers and sellers, has announced its launch on Polygon. This means that users of OpenSea Pro can now buy, sell, and list NFTs on both Ethereum and Polygon.

OpenSea Pro has also integrated Socket, a cross-chain asset exchange service, to support cross-chain asset exchange between Ethereum and Polygon. This means that users can easily swap their NFTs from one chain to the other without having to go through a centralized exchange.

In contrast, Binance NFT has announced that it will no longer support the Polygon network. This means that users of Binance NFT will need to withdraw their Polygon NFTs before September 28, 2023.

A commitment to accelerating the adoption of cross-chain NFT trading

OpenSea’s tweet about the launch on Polygon suggests that the company is committed to accelerating the adoption of cross-chain NFT trading. This is a positive development for the NFT market, as it will give users more flexibility and choice when trading NFTs.

OpenSea Pro expressed its dedication to the broader vision of enhancing NFT accessibility and trading options. The official OpenSea Pro Twitter account shared the news, stating,

“…and we’re taking the first steps to accelerate that vision by aggregating popular NFT marketplaces on Polygon – with more to come.”

Offering broader opportunities for NFT enthusiasts and collectors

OpenSea Pro’s integration of Polygon and Socket signifies a significant step in expanding the NFT ecosystem, enabling users to engage in cross-chain asset exchange with enhanced convenience and flexibility. As the NFT landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like this aim to offer broader opportunities for NFT enthusiasts and collectors.

This development underscores the dynamic nature of the NFT market, where adaptability and innovation remain at the forefront of industry leaders’ strategies. OpenSea Pro’s commitment to providing seamless cross-chain access to Ethereum and Polygon further reinforces its position as a pivotal player in the NFT space, with the promise of more advancements on the horizon.

Author: Bamisile Oluseun