Option94 and Crypto Fund US – A Fraud Site And Its Clone

In this review, we have looked at two fraud sites- Option94 and Crypto Fund US together since they are a fraud site and its clone.

There is no doubt that there are people who never think of making a living legitimately. It seems that they believe that stealing the funds of others through any means possible is the best way to make a living.

Crypto Funds US is another scam site that we encountered and you would understand the reason why we consider it a scam as you read through this post.

cryptofund USGranted, you came across this site with the intention of making some investments, but as a wise investor, you wanted to do some research on in before sending your investment funds. Well…that’s good of you. In fact you’re one of the reasonable investors out there and I must congratulate you.

Anyway, the good news is that you’re here and I assure you that this is an honest review. So do not lose your funds to fraudsters. Before I continue with the review, for those that are in a hurry to invest, I recommend using regulated platforms where there’s no chance that you’d be scammed.

What is Crypto Funds US?

Option94Cryptofund USThe best way to describe this site is that it is a clone of another scam site which could be Option94. This would be made even more obvious if you visit the other site which had content on it copied by Crypto Funds US.

This is made evident from the fact that there were many sections of the site that was not properly edited that the name Option94 would be seen on the site instead of Crypto Funds US. Option94 domain was registered in November 2018, while Crypto Funds US was registered in March 2019.

The impression that you would come away with is that the fraudsters are becoming too lazy to be in effort in their deception or that the investors are becoming so stupid that they no longer know the difference between what is genuine and what is fake.

Whatever the case, the site claims that it is an investment site with 52,000 investors bringing together people in the quest to challenge the way things are done.

Plagiarized Content

Obviously, that line was plagiarized from other sites and we are certain that the fraudster owner of the domain crypto-funds.us did not make any input in the content. In fact, everything was copied and cloned from the other site.

Used Another Company’s Certificate

Option94The site claims that it is owned by some professionals and that it is registered in Australia by the country’s securities commission. However, the certificate it uploaded on the site belongs to another entity, Luno Forex PTY Limited.

This shows that Crypto Funds US is run by a lazy scammer who cannot even work hard at deceiving their victims. Obviously, if this is the standard of most scam sites, few people would lose their funds to them.

A Quest To Gain Trust or Confuse?

The Securities and Exchange Commission advises investors to beware of sites that use language that tend to confuse the investor and those that try to gain trust. It is a normal fraudster approach to make the investor think that they are professionals. This is obvious on this site:

“Our mission is to maximize the value our clients derive from their most precious commodity. As a fiduciary to our client, it is our responsibility to ensure that clients are provided with the utmost benefit…peace of mind!”

Any experienced investor is aware that no professional site would create a low quality content such as that. However, we are that many investors are not circumspect and still get deceived by low grade scam sites. This is why at Cryptoinfowatch, we try to review as many scam sites as we could.


Option94From the promises of high returns seen in the investment plan, it is obvious that Crypto Funds US is a HYIP scam. There’s a 2.5 percent daily investment plan which has a minimum deposit of $2000.

A close consideration of the site makes us infer that the entity behind it is a serial scammer who may have many such low quality scam sites distributed all over the internet targeting various categories of investors.

There are higher plans of 3.75 percent and 5.50 percent with minimum deposits of $20,000 and $50,000 respectively.

Stolen Identities As Board Directors

Option94The Board of Directors comprises identities of people who have no business with this project. They’re not even aware that their photos are being used for scams.

Oprion94Michael Maxfield who was designated Senior Broker is Greville Pabst who is a real estate advisor. Pabst is the chairman of WBP Group and can’t possibly have anything to do with this scam.

Other board members are also folks that their photos were stolen from the internet. Shirley Hancock is the photo of Anna Petrova of BTL Group. The fraudster got her image from the company’s website seen here http://btlgroup.net/why-2018-was-so-important-for-btl-group/ .

False Statistics On Both Sites

Option94We checked the stats on the sites which showed the latest transactions and found out that Crypto Funds US and Option94 have the same phantom people making deposits and withdrawals. This is a clear confirmation that these sites were set up by fraudsters to steal your funds.


We have always maintained that using a random site just because it promises high returns is the quickest way to lose your cryptocurrency. This is why we recommend regulated investment site that have built online credibility. For our top recommendation, please check here.

Also, we are working hard at bringing as many scam reviews to the attention of investors. You could help us by notifying about the most popular investment programs you came across. This is the only way we can quickly review them and save investors from losses. You may use the comment box or simply our contact page.

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