Over 40 bugs found in many popular Blockchain platforms

Bugs on platforms

According to an investigation led by The Next Web, many Blockchain platforms are vulnerable to hacker’s attack, indeed, a group of white hackers have recently spotted more than 40 bugs from major Blockchain platforms in the past 30 days, however the investigation reached the conclusion that those are not major threats.

Blockchain Platforms Affected Bug

Blockchain platforms are concerned by this discovery.  Hacker One submitted a report indexing thirteen crypto and Blockchain platform.

This report stated that a total of 43 vulnerabilities was found on those platform protocols from February 13 to March 13.

The e-sport gambling platform got the most red-flags with 12 bugs spotted during the process, followed by Omise which received 6 Bugs report and EOS which got 5 bugs placed third.

The Blockchain consensus protocol Tendermint received 4 and Tezos and Augur having three bugs. At the bottom of the list with the lowest number of bugs are Coinbase, Electroneum and Brave software.

The researchers rewarded

The researchers and hackers involved in the process received a total amount of $23,750 for the work which help in revealing possible breaches in the platforms code base.

Among the networks that donated was Tendermint which awarded $8,500, followed by EOS with a $5,500 donation. Despite holding the highest amount of fail reports with 12 bugs, Unikrn funded the project with just $1,375.

However, those bugs are mostly harmless and judging by the low amount of reward awarded. In comparison to previous hackathons these are mostly harmless bugs. Security is among the priorities of Blockchain firms.

Author: Chris Mharc

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