PIVX Releases 2020-2021 Projects Roadmap


The PIVX team has rolled out its roadmap for the coming months in its quest to continue making the platform pleasant to use. Known for its pioneer work in proof of stake privacy, PIVX has proven a platform that showcases expertise in execution of its projects and roadmap.

The latest update is aimed at highlighting new privacy protocols, partnership projects and the PIVX community. According to a blog post, the team stated that it has moved some projects forward while some has continued to be the center of focus at the innovative network.

The update shows that the emphasis would be on core PIVX wallet with improved privacy, usability and performance. This improved version would be announced in Q1 of 2020.

“This will transcend PIVX privacy to another level where users will be able to securely transfer coins from one address to another without anyone else knowing the source of the coins, how many coins were sent, nor which addresses were involved in sending and receiving.”

The new roadmap includes a HD Wallet support or Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallet. This means that users could have all their transactions backed up in their wallets without deviation of balances. This will feature“BIP44 support that will enable the wallet to generate a secure seed that is easy to backup, and be used to restore the wallet transactions.

The roadmap also includes Improved P2P network connectivity for speed and stability of the network. Dandelion Protocol Integration for sender IP privacy, Faster Network \Synch, Proof of Storage Research and a host of other new features and projects planned for the PIVX platform.

There is also Vendible which plans to build a digital economy and marketplace on top of the PIVX currency. The essence is to aid the adoption of the Vendible vision of becoming a big player in the ecommerce space. Then there is the Masternode Hosting Services Standard:

“This proposal will standardize masternode hosting services and allow for companies to meet these transparent standards and apply to be awarded an endorsed status by the PIVX blockchain.

Author: Jofor Humani

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