Police Bar Protesters’ Move At Tron’s China Office

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Reports from Beijing, China said there was protests at Tron’s office in the city following the collapse of a ponzi scheme the protesters thought was linked to Tron.

Initially, some claimed the cryptocurrency company was being raided. However, it later turned out that the Chinese police was called in by the Tron team to protect the office from angry mobs.

Video clips emanating from social media show angry mobs encircled by policemen at Tron’s headquarters.  This has been circulated on Twitter, with a crowd supposedly there to show their displeasure at a crypto Ponzi scheme that allegedly resulted in losses valued at $30 million. This same scheme has led to a suicide.

Justin Sun Clears the Air

The Head of Tron, Justin Sun has cleared the air on the rumors saying:

“Tronfoundation and BitTorrent are fine. Everything is fine. .. Stop spreading fake news and pictures.”

According to reports, A ponzi scheme used the name “Wave Field Super Community” to defraud people of their cash. The name of the fraudsters is similar to Tron’s Wave Field Company based in China. It seemed that the mob wanted to express their displeasure with Tron for not doing enough to dissociate itself from the scam.

Rumors said that Tron’s Wave Field benefitted from the scam which claimed to be a Tron super affiliate when it launched in January.  At its launch, the Ponzi Scheme Company had stated that they were “Super Representative” of Wave Field.

This is the major reason why the mob came out to protest in front of the company declaring that, “Tron is a Scam”. Some of the protesters claimed that the purpose of the outburst was due to Tron’s refusal to warn its customers beforehand.

Tron has been in the news lately after CEO Justin Sun revealed that he will see Warren Buffet in a bid to draw his interest to his company. He is also popular for being a strong critic of Ethereum and near eccentric for his guerilla marketing tactics in his promotion of the Tron network.

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