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A cryptocurrency trader, The Kilt Master says that Polkadot will flip most of the top 10 altcoins to rank among the top 3 coins by market cap. The trader made the statement after Polkadot flipped Dogecoin to the number 10 spot on July 31. The Kilt Master, said that he is confident that Polkadot will become one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies.

As seen on Coingecko, Polkadot now has a market cap of $9.6 billion and sits at the 10th spot.

Flipped Dogecoin To 10th

Dogecoin is now at the 11th spot with a market cap of $9.1 billion. Polkadot has just flipped Dogecoin to become the 10th most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world. This is according to charts and data available at Coingecko, even though other coin data syndicating platforms are showing that the cryptocurrency is still at the 11th spot.


The data shows that Polkadot moved to the 10th position on August 1 on Coingecko.  On Coingecko, Polkadot is now sitting precariously at the number 10 spot. While the market price of Dogecoin is down by 2.76% in the past 24 hours, bringing its price to $0.06843, Polkadot is up by 1.75% within the same period with a market price of $8.43.

Community Reaction

In their reaction to the challenge that Polkadot poses to Dogecoin, some community members said that it all boils down to utility. According to Erik @erikofantastiko, an investor, Polkadot is a real project that deserves to be among the top 10 by market cap.

In his own view, Mark Fobo of EagleGenesisGame also highlighted the utility of Polkadot saying,

“Polkadot flipped #dogecoin for the 10th place. Polkadot is bringing utility and a solid ecosystem.”

Top Performing Blockchain

Ajay Ajay @AjayAja23256206 said that Polkadot is the best and safest blockchain project after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Another user on Twitter, @AbstractSect, said that Polkadot should be challenging Ethereum for the number 2 spot.

“It should be #2 if anyone understood it’s king compared to ethereum. It’s insane that people think ethereum is any good. Y’all need to understand $Dot was created by the com creator of ethereum bc he understood the ETH shortcomings” – TheGetItGang


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