Power of Investing

power of investing

For a long time I have been wondering the title of this post. “Power of Investing”, “What can you do with  $100” and some others that have been discussed. 

Making Money With Money

The moment you invest money, you do it for a reason: for it pay off. Then it does not matter whether you invest in real estate, the stock exchange, digital assets  or in crowdlending. You want something in return. After all, you cannot spend your money because someone else may (temporarily) use it and not make returns, good one.

Arrange Your Own Salary Increase

Of course a salary increase is very nice. Because the higher your salary, the more you can do. What if that increase doesn’t make much change in your spending capacity and you end up in the same loop. In any case, when most people earn more, they end up spending more. so it makes little difference unless that increment is way above what they ever anticipated. but this rarely happens.

Start Investing Now

I feel old when I say that I have experienced interest rates of 5.5%. But they were there. I started investing out of that frustration. Because the interest on my savings account kept getting lower. With that I also put in a little more than $100 per month. I’ve been doing that for about eight years now. Every month. And since I’ve been doing it for so long, I don’t miss the money I’m investing either. After all, I didn’t have it last month. And the month before, I also managed to get by with a lower amount. So I can do it this month too. And in the meantime it starts to pay off. Have you considered the power of investing?

Return and Risk

In this example I have used a 4% return. I think this is a realistic return with, for example, staking in the lower risk categories. For real estate you often need more money than that $100 per month, so you cannot make it with that. Higher returns can be achieved on the stock market. Many say that the average over the past 100 years is about 7%.

Just bear in mind that the higher the return, the higher the risk. 4% is easily surpassed. But the risks that come with it are also much higher. That can just mean that your money and therefore net return suddenly become much lower or that you even partially lose it. This is why you do not leave your investments to chance.

Currently, I’ve been investing in crypto assets and if well managed, this novel investment instrument would become the star investment. If you’re interested in the broker that helps us accomplish a lot through copy trading, sign up here.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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