Proelio – Is This Real Estate Masternode Coin Profit Worth It?

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Many investors are looking towards masternode networks in their quest to earn passive income and there presently are many such coins in the market. Proelio is one of the more recent projects to be announced.

A Coin for Real Estate

Proelio means involvement and the project, which was designed for real estate operators has the uniqueness of limiting the number of masternodes involved in the network. Furthermore, there is a limit on the number of nodes that could be sold by the operator. The limit of 10 masternodes per month enhances the value of the coin.

The network enables owners of masternodes to mine Proelio in an ecosystem where they have the opportunity to buy real estate using Proeliocoin. The project has as one of its visions the use of cryptocurrencies in real estate.

Masternode Operators

Operators of masternodes have copies of the Proelio blockchain in storage and help in enhancing the network’s decentralization and confirmation of transactions. The network rewards operators of masternode by sharing the revenue generated on the platform with them.

Investors who are interested in hosting the Proelio masternode can access the guide through the projects website which has copies of cold and hot VPS masternode guides.

Bear Market Effect

Proeliocoin (PEO), the cryptocurrency behind the project is valued at $0.04 and ranked number 2316 according to Coinmarketcap. Although the trading volume is still low, the coin at one time traded at $1.87 at its all time high.

This means that it lost more than 90 percent of its value due to the bear market. It is not the only coin that experienced massive bleeding, however the impact was more pronounced because of its low trading volume.

Proelio Wallets & Exchanges

The Proelio team has developed wallets for windows, Linux and Mac which can be downloaded on the site. The project has an increasingly active community as many are eager to profit the masternodes.

The coin can be traded at a number of exchanges such as Coindeal and Crex24. Nevertheless you cannot get all the information about the project from one forum. That is why the team encourages investors to get active of their social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Discord an others.

Some Partnerships

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Proelio already has gone into partnerships with some market leaders such as Paycoiner, Midas, MNtrend and Coinlib. This shows that the community is impressed with the prospects of the project.

A look at the roadmap shows that it has come a long way and made some progress even though it still has a lot of work to do in its quest to become one of the masternode networks to be reckoned with.

Roadmap Progress

The roadmap shows that the project was conceived in January 2018. It has recorded several milestones such as its whitepaper release in November 2018, window wallet release and listing in some exchanges. Its real estate platform Insidio found at is already operational.

The project stated in an update that it is planning Bittrex listing after 5000 masternodes hosting.  This would be after listing with Bitbay.

Insomuch that people are increasingly going looking at masternode coins, we are still skeptical about Proelio because of the following reasons.

Unknown Team

proelio team of unknown people

Granted, there was a time that most blockchain projects wouldn’t bother about having the team identified. In fact, some of the successful projects such as Monero has some team members unknown, however, it has become increasingly necessary to know who you are working with in this space.

This is in view of the fact that the rate at which scam teams take advantage of people. The number of exit scams in the industry is alarming. Even though there is no proof that Proelio is not a worthy project, it is worthy of note that the team seem not eager to be identified.

Low Reward

If you’re thinking of getting rich in the future, masternode coins may not be your best bet because the reward you receive for hosting a masternode is directly proportional to the amount you invested. Also, the reward is generally a small percentage of less than 8 percent per annum.

You wouldn’t be that keen at having your investment grow at such a low rate. That is why you should always check up better options when it’s time to make investments.

Minimum Investment

5000 coins at $0.04 is not a lot of money, yet the return would not be worth your while if you’re starting at minimal entry. However, with a little more in a more promising investment, you can be sure of a better reward. This is why we recommend you make your investments where it will pay you well.

Finally, the volatility of the coin market is one thing to consider. Another is the fact that a coin like Proelio may not gain traction in terms of adoption so the price may not soar like Bitcoin since the demand may not be high.

Better Investment

When you factor in the fact that there are more than 2000 coins contesting for adoption, you wouldn’t vote for Proelio, but if you’re thinking of being part of a growing network, this may not be a bad idea for you. Nevertheless, if your main target is profit, check our recommendation on the top sidebar.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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