QuickSwap Dominates Polygon Network’s De-Fi Space

Quickswap is still the leading defi protocol on the Polygon network. This is according to a recent quarterly report by PolygnInsights. The release says that Bungee, a bridge aggregator, experienced a tremendous growth, becoming one of the top 10 de-fi protocols on Polygon.

Star of the Quarter

It currently has 90k users after growing its user base by 1000%. It is now the fifth largest on the network. Bungee processed 135k transactions within the quarter. Other top de-fi ecosystems on the network are Kyberswap, with 183k users and 996k transactions.

1Inch, the third ranking defi ecosystem on Polygon has 95k users and processed 1.14 million transactions within the quarter, an increase of 5% from the last quarter.

The report says that Meshswap and 0x also moved into the top 10 ranking protocols on Polygon. The duo occupy the 4th and 7th positions respectively. MeshSwap is a new project that is one of the beneficiaries of polygon’s $15 million Liquidity Mining (LM) program. It has 91k users and processed 1.06 million transactions in the last quarter.

GameFi On Polygon

In the GameFi space, the report says that PlanetIX, an NFT collectibles-based game made the top 10 for the first time, after its user base grew by 8% to 58k.


Another in-game collectible metaverse project, Sandbox grew by 73% to 36k users. Arc8 is still the leading game-fi platform on Polygon. It currently has 244k users and processed 6.2 million transactions in the last quarter. Other top gaming protocols on the network are Pagaxy, 5.64 million transactions and 226k users, Sunflower Land 202k users and 1.34 million transactions in the last quarter and The Dust Land with 132k users and 139k transactions in the last quarter.

NFTs On Polygon

The report says that NFTs are still among the promising projects within the Polygon ecosystem. It added that 1.2 million new NFT wallets came on board in the quarter. This is a 47% increase from the number of these unique wallets on the Polygon. There were 66.65 mint events , an increase of 50% and a total NFT transaction of 122 million. The total NFT volume on the network is $1.39 billion, down by 64% from the previous quarter.

Author: Jinka Kamma

Jinka Kamma is passionate about the prospects of blockchain and the freedom cryptocurrencies afford people across borders. He holds small amounts of bitcoin and tether.

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