Reddit To Accept Tips With Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token

Cryptocurrency has continued to evolve in many ways which implies new innovations are on the way. According to reports, popular social media forum Reddit is set to implement tipping features for Basic Attention Token (BAT).

According to information made available on the forum, crypto users on the platform would have the option to tip other users. Reddit is known as one of the most friendly social media platform for cryptocurrency alongside Telegram and Twitter.

A New Button for Tipping

It is an uncommon occurrence for any cryptocurrency not to have a Reddit thread. This latest news is a delight ro the crypto community as Reddit is simplifying the process by adding an extra button for tipping purpose.

Reddit already offers some options that allow users to tip other users via popular cryptos but the tip bots are slow in development.

BAT is Key Currency for Tipping

Reddit is tackling this problem with its the adoption of BAT as the major crypto for tipping. The cryptocurrency is gaining popularity as more people use Brave browser, which was built by the BAT platform. The blockchain is built as an easy coin to use for tipping for contents.

BAT has an advantage over conventional crypto coins which are mostly not tailored for this purpose. As a tip based crypto BAT has capitalized on this to becomes the first coin with full tipping features to be adopted by Reddit users.

Cheered By Reddit Crypto Community

The development has been hailed within the crypto community on the platform. It is understood that this would give rise to a number of crypto-related activities on Reddit.

BAT is a cryptocurrency developed by Brave browser as a means to bridge the gap between advertisers and end users.

The tipping features is still in its beta mode and could be rolled out in a couple of weeks.

Author: Olowoporoku Adeniyi

cryptocurrency evangelist with five years experience in the blockchain industry

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