Remitano Add TRC20 Based USDT

Remitano TRC20 based USDT inclusion

Remitano, the P2P cryptocurrency trading platform has announced the introduction of Tron-based USDT for its users. The exchange which provides an escrow service enabling traders to safely exchange cryptocurrencies had hitherto supported the Omni layer USDT and the ERC20-based USDT.

In a recent update, the company stated that the essence of the TRC20 based USDT inclusion is to give its customers more options to choose the USDT version of their choice.

The email from the company stated:

“With the aim of enhancing the convenient experience and giving users the freedom to choose any form of USDT to deposit and withdraw, Remitano now officially supports the TRC20 standard for USDT wallet with 0% deposit and withdrawal fee for the current period.”


Remitano’s TRC20-based USDT inclusion has given users of the platform the opportunity to use any of the three versions of the stablecoin, based on trader’s choice.

Author: Chris Mharc

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