Remitano Announces Customer Bill of Rights

Remitano the peer-to-peer exchange has announced what it termed its Customer Bill of Rights. The bill explains the benefits that customers and users of the exchange are entitled to.

According to a blog post on the exchange’s site, the draft became necessary considering that many countries have not developed a proper regulatory framework for digital assets. It highlighted the need for its customers to be rest assured that they are protected during trades despite the usual risks associated with financial investments.

Basically, the bill states that users of the exchange are protected by having their data secured from malicious players. The safety also entails protection from fraudsters who may have access to the services rendered by the company.

Safety, Information, Compensation

The next is the right to be informed. The exchange claims that it would ensure that users gain access to relevant information regarding the services of the company.

Others are right to choose who to trade with and what trades to enter into and the ones to avoid with the objective of ensuring that customers are satisfied.

There is also the right to be compensated in case a customer incurs losses due to an oversight on the part of the exchange management and staff.

The company which is presently the only cryptocurrency exchange in Vietnam hopes that the Bill of Rights would enhance transparency and build confidence among its customers.


Author: Chris Mharc

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