Ripple Issues An Alert Over A New XRP Scam

Ripple has issued an alert over a giveaway scam targeting the cryptocurrency community. In a recent tweet on the platform’s Twitter handle, it stated that it has come to the awareness of Ripple Labs that fraudsters are circulating an email purportedly from Ripple promising giveaways with the titles “XRP Incentive Plans” and “Community Incentive Programs”.

Ripple reiterated that it has no plans to giveaway cryptocurrency assets at this time or in the future.

“Neither Ripple, nor any executive of our company, has offered—or ever will offer—free giveaways of digital assets.”


The community has been asked to beware of such emails with the scam cloned Ripple website with the domain at

A look at the site shows that it is an exact replica of the Ripple website and may have the purpose of stealing the funds of the users.

Author: Zoran Spirkovski

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