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If you are new in the cryptosphere, it is very easy to get deceived by the many malicious players in the industry. Nevertheless, with information and education, it is easy to assess sites and schemes such as and know how reliable they are.

It is recommended that any cryptocurrency investor spend some time in learning about the workings of the industry. When they do, they should understand that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are actually money and so should be treated as such.

This is the first key in earning and keeping your funds in an industry which has many fraudsters making efforts to defraud unsuspecting investors.

What is Roboton?

RobotonIf you came across this site and you’re wondering if it is the next big investment site that could make you money, it is important that you read through this post before taking a stand on what the site promises.

According to Roboton, it is a company registered in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This presupposes that company registration means legitimacy but over time we have realized that this is not so. Thousands of companies are registered weekly by fraudsters with the intention to defraud people.

Let’s not make a conclusion yet since there are probably more companies registered by honest businesses than there are by fraudsters.

Investors Funds

According to the site:

“Thanks to private investments, the company increases circulating capital and gets more opportunities for successful trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Roboton Corporation LTD currently has a registered capital of GBR 10,000,000. And for large investors, the option of personal deposit insurance is available.”

From the foregoing, the owners of the site claimed that it is worth more than 10 million pounds. It is interesting that it alludes to earning all that money through ‘successful trading on cryptocurrency exchanges’

Making It Big With Trading Bots?

Considering that this is a lot of money, we wondered how the company could have made all that money and why if it has so much capital, how it came about it. The answer seems to be contained in the following paragraph.

“Our robots are professionally tuned and trained software for trading promising cryptocurrencies on exchanges and between exchanges. The best European traders laid down algorithms for responding to events and chart behavior, watched the software self-training of robots and debugged their work. Now the company daily profits from automated trading and allows private investors to make good money.”

That’s fascinating right? The owner of the site seems to have had everything organized to the extent that they sit somewhere while their automating bots are helping them make all the money. Interestingly, they’ve opened the investment window for anyone who is interested to invest and make overnight profit…right?

Well…from our experience in this industry, things just don’t work that way. You can learn about bots and understand that they are not infallible. Bots just don’t make people who know little or nothing about trading rich. They even make mistakes and make people lose money. They could have bugs and function as planned. In fact, the common bots in the market work as well as the trader using it.

Based on what we know about bots, we can conclude that Roboton could is not as successful as they claim to be. In any case, if they were, they wouldn’t be asking investors to invest more funds with them.

Fake Rating


Asking random investors to send funds to an unknown site is a hallmark of fraudsters. Why would any reasonable investor send their funds to people that do not have record or antecedence of business success, people that are complete strangers in the art of fund management?

No genuine business or investment site pays more than they’re capable of earning. When a site offers gains that are not in tune with reality, it should be an indication that the site is fraudulent. We all know that businesses want to make profit and not waste their money.

You would notice that the site claims to have been rated 5-star by TrustPilot. This is a figment of the owner’s imagination. the target is people that are not informed about rating system and scams.

Wasting it?

RobotonYou can see from the investment plans presented by Roboton that they’re insinuating that they’re making so much money and are ‘throwing away’ much through the profit they would pay an investor. Just making a deposit of $10 would have the fund doubled in a week. The question we should ask ourselves is how real this claim is.

Commonsense should make it obvious that it is impossible for any business to do that for you. If it is possible to earn that much, the owner of the site would invest their own funds and keep doubling, tripling and quadrupling it until they become the wealthiest people.

There are even higher plans that supposedly pay up to 180 percent in a little more than a month. Other features of this site are meant to lure potential investors to make deposits through the dubious investment plans.


The data posted on this site are mostly meant to deceive people and steal their money. Fraudsters are aware that many people are not well informed about investment prospects and risks in the industry, so they use deceit and half-truth to defraud.

Genuine investment sites are regulated by appropriate authorities. Their owners are not anonymous or hiding behind the web as in the case of Roboton. They keep their promises and your funds are safe. For the investment site that we recommend, you can grow your assets by copying experience investors and making the same profit as they. You may sign up here and take advantage of a good investment company.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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