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Scams are now more common than coins in the market. Ronelfunds is one of the latest HYIPs begging for attention from crypto investors. In this post, we’re going to take a critical look at this site and possibly the people behind it to know how these scammers succeed in getting investor funds.

What is Ronelfunds?

According the site,

“ is a private investment company that is officially registered in the United Kingdom. Our company combines several successful business lines.”

The site continued by stating that:

“Back in 2012 and until today, our company operates in the cryptocurrency market …”

A Cryptoinfowatch investigation could not find any entity registered under that name in the UK since 2012. Not even a Google search returned a result showing the existence of such a company.

The site displays a certificate of registration for Ronel Funds Limited. However, this certificate shows that the date of registration was February 4, 2019 despite the claims that the firm has been in operation since 2012.

Fake Certificate of Incorporation ReviewA check of the UK Company House database shows that the certificate of incorporation displayed on the website is not authentic. The certificate with registration number 07323142 for Ronel Funds Limited was not listed on the agency’s website.

Using the company registration number provided by the website, Cryptoinfowatch investigation found out that the number belonged to another company HINTON HOMES LIMITED which was dissolved in 2016. Hinton Homes Limited was incorporated on July 22, 2010 and dissolved on November 22, 2016.

Fake Company Address

The Hinton Homes Limited address was:


GL51 0UX

This also contradicts the address provided on the website:


Obviously, the owners of the website did not reckon with a background check on their documents since most investors are satisfied with seeing a semblance of legitimacy but are too busy to run background checks on these crypto investment sites. Review

No Evidence of Mining Farm

On the site home page, describing its mission and operation, the operators also wrote,

“…and we have our own farms for the production of cryptocurrency, we have developed our strategy of trading in the cryptocurrency market, which makes it possible to receive a stable income and minimize risks in this direction”

Sound familiar?

It is the usual approach these days for scammers to claim that they own mining farms. Everyone conversant with the crypto market knows that Bitcoin mining is not as profitable as these scammers portray it especially when the bear market is put into consideration.

The claim of combining mining and trading is now too common a line used by scammers that it seems that every scam site is employing the same strategy.

There is no financial investment that is risk free, the claim by that they have found way to generate stable income through mining and trading of cryptocurrencies is barely tenable.

Focus On Deposits And Referrals

The usual pattern of HYIP and other scammers is offering high ROI on their sites to attract deposits. These deposits are used to pay the early investors encouraging them to recruit or refer new users who are also encouraged to bring in others through an affiliate program.

The affiliate program offers users 10 percent commission if the user they referred made deposits ranging from $10-$100. A deposit of $101-$500 attracts a commission of 15 percent while $501 or higher entitles the referrer to 20 percent commission.

Now Consider this:

High Returns On Investment? has three investment plans; Beginner, Standard and Business. The Beginner Plan yields interest of 200 percent in just 24 hours. In other words, if you invested $100 in this plan, you’d have $400 in just one day.

The Standard Plan gives you 502 percent in 3 days while you’d get 820 percent from the Business Plan.

Like all Ponzi scams, the emphasis is on deposits and recruitment because the project does not have ways of generating that fund despite its claim that it is involved in crypto mining and trading.

If it was a real mining and trading company, it wouldn’t be eager to recruit investors bringing in more funds because it would be generating enough money to run its business.

Another Exit Scam in the Making

The reason why scams like should be avoided is that their target is the accumulation of crypto deposits. When demand for withdrawal increases, the scammers simply shut down the site and move on to another scam.

With no way of locating them, the investors mourn their losses and move on. In any case, the legal cost of wanting to recover lost funds across different jurisdictions is barely worth it. This is why people should avoid scams such as this. For, it is obvious that fetting the scammers is a slim chance since everything on the site is dubiously false.

Whois Search ReviewA whois search shows that the domain was registered on February 4, 2019. This means that this is a new scam that wants to entice people with promises of massive gains. In a short time it’ll be gone.

There is no sane business that would offer you nearly 1000 percent in a week. That is enough sign that is a scam site. Anyone that sends money to this site has lost is. They may pay early investors that deposited small amounts but those that send larger sums will lose them.

That is the way of scammers. They lure people in knowing that humans are naturally greedy. In the long run, the people making gains are thieves hiding behind the pseudonymousness of digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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