Rug Mafia: Someone sent 70 ETH to an address linked to hacked funds


Stolen funds moved through Tornado Cash and found their way to two exchange addresses.

Zach XBT, the online sleuth, said that since 2023, a new pattern has been noticed in the movement of stolen coins by hackers. Zach said that most of these funds ended up at two exchange addresses.

A clear trend

In a Twitter post on July 20, the online investigator showed how the $60 million Anubis hack followed the same pattern.

“I noticed a clear trend in 2023 of funds being withdrawn from Tornado Cash and bridged to Polygon before consolidating into two exchange accounts.”

He further announced that a user on Twitter, Beerus (bsl.eth), recently sent 70 ETH to one of the addresses. After the post, Beerus’ friend Ersan, who controls the address, wrote in broken English.

“How do I know it’s illegal? Every day, I take a lot of money from different people.  I just do money exchanges for small profit. What do you want me to do?”


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.