Safely Coins – Is This Your Idea of A Good Investment?

Safely Coins

Some investment platforms are daring, some are extremely daring as we shall see with Safely coins, a platform that owns the domain, The site is a euphoric setup that promises investors some insane bonuses for signing up.

This would make a casual observer wonder what business is behind this project that could generate such income but on a second thought, you should know that money don’t really grow on trees and so unrealist promises by crypto investment sites are just strategies to get their hands on your funds.

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What is Safely Coins?

Safely Coins claims that it started operations in 2018. With incorporation in the UK, it further stated that it has developed a system that enables it make a lot of profits for investors even though it did not explicitly explain what the system was that could make so much profit that it is willing to share.

It announced that its trading portfolio included stocks, cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange (forex). There is the usual claim that it has professionals and experts trading for it on some of the most stable markets in the world using cutting edge technology to minimize the risks involved in this type of investment.

Safely Coins

Liquidity Claim Without Evidence stated on its website that it has more than $8 million in cash flow to make sure that it meets up with financial obligations promptly but could not present evidence of the existence of such funds.

Perhaps, the most ludicrous claim on the website is that investors can take out hourly profits from their investment which is expected to yield at same intervals.

Investment Plans

Safely Coins offers three investment plans which according to it were laid out by its investment experts. These plans comprise hourly profits that enable instant deposits and withdrawals by the investor.

The Silver plan yields about 1.21% hourly with a minimum deposit of $5 and a maximum of $20,000. There is also a referral commission of 3% from the deposits made by the affiliate’s recruits.

This is not surprising since scam sites like Safely Coins use promises of high profit to lure its victims to make deposits.

An example of what this site is claiming could be derived from its profit calculator. For instance, the Silver plan which its basic plan is supposed to yield $290 with a deposit of $1000 in just 24 hours.

Safely Coins

Sites such as Safely Coins are attractive to people who have no interest in genuine investments because they are aware that this would end up badly if care is not taken. Scam sites are easy to identify through the type of gains they promise. A ROI of 30% in 24 hours is not possible in a regular business even in a bull market. The reason is that even bullish sentiments are not permanent.

Site History

The whois search shows that was registered on March 4, 2019. This means that this site is barely 2 months old. It claims that it has more than 700 custromers who have made investments valued at $475,000.

Safely Coins

This is likely an exaggerated claim or false. It also claims that more than $375,000 has been withdrawn from the platform under two months of operation.

Who is Behind Safely Coins?

It is not surprising that the site does not mention those behind it but shows testimonials of its supposed members (with accompanying photos). It is a vintage strategy employed by scammers and should be discountenanced by every serious investor.

If the owner of Safely Coins could get and publish photos of its investors, why would their own photo with social profile not be on the site?

The reason is that this is another crypto investment scam that hopes to lure some gullible investors to send them funds under the guise they are investment managers.

Where is Safely Coins Located?

The company listed its office as  20 Old Street, London United Kingdom EC1V 9 AB but this address has been registered by other businesses. In reality, this is a building housing several offices and if Safely Coins was accommodated there, it should have listed its suite and the floor it accommodates.

A Registered Company Involved in Frauds?

Safely CoinsAt Cryptoinfowatch, we have observed that many scam sites actually register with a country’s business registration agency and use the certificate issued them to run a fraudulent operation. This should tell every investor that business registration does not imply that the proposal being presented by a company is legitimate.


Safely Coins is nothing safe to invest in. This is why you should keep away from fraudulent sites such as No scammer would pay you anything, especially if you made a substantial deposit.

The best they could do is to pay you returns on very small sums to bait you to make bigger deposits. Avoid at all cost. There are better investment opportunities online. Our top recommendation will enable you grow your crypto assets with good guidance.

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