Samsung To Power Galaxy S10 with 16 Cryptocurrencies

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The South Korean giant recently launched its new flagship with support for cryptocurrencies. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will support 16 cryptocurrencies including Binance’ coin (BNB).

The new Samsung product has attracted the attention of crypto fans with rumors rife of a new built-in wallet that would enable its users to pay with cryptocurrency using their Samsung phone.

The Launch of the phone confirmed the expectations, but the Galaxy s10 disappointed in some ways, especially as enthusiasts expected more cryptocurrency-related functionality. Also, the phone did not show support for the most expected coin, Bitcoin.

16 Cryptocurrencies Listed

Binance CEO, CZ

According to some information leaked recently, the new Samsung phone would show support for 16 cryptocurrencies, with Binance (BNB) having the most market value among the coin showed on the list.

Changpeng Zhao, the Binance’ CEO expressed satisfaction toward this decision in a tweet where he leaked the information.

During the past months, BNB climbed quite quickly the cryptocurrency market capitalization ladder, rising to position 7 and gathering an increasing amount of users.

Despite having lost some values against Bitcoin, BNB hasn’t lost steam in its quest for market influence as seen with its prospect of availing the upcoming launch of Binance DEX as a channel to gain more adoption.

Samsung Crypto Wallet Still Subject to Speculation

The leaked screenshot shows 6 listed cryptocurrencies – Pundi X Token, CosmoCoin, BNB , OmiseGO, Populous, and ZRX. There are still 10 unknown cryptocurrencies, hinting that BNB might not be the only coin from the top 10.

It is good to notice that all those coins are ERC-20 token or were built on the Ethereum blockchain. That fact gives a hint on the South Korean brand’s initiative when keeping Bitcoin out of their list.

So far, there is no official announcement from the firm, but rumors relating a Bitcoin and Ethereum support are making rounds. Anyway, the support of cryptocurrency by Samsung is a huge step forward for cryptocurrencies that would lead to more adoption.

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