Someone Just Paid $373,000 in ETH for Second-ranked Ape NFT


The second-ranked BAYC has just been sold for 200 ETH. The four trait Ape generated some buzz on account of its features and price.

The second-ranking Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC #3953) NFT just sold for 200 ETH. This is equivalent to $373,000 in today’s ETH value. It is uncertain if the company would consider this a great sale considering that at the top, the floor price of this NFT was higher than the amount that it sold for today (in USD).

The Ape’s distinguishing traits

This particular Ape has an eye trait that many collectors have described as the most ugly in the BAYC collection; however, for the collector, it seems that they are more concerned about this item than its aesthetics. The BAYC has four traits and a valuation of 40.844 ether. Even though its rarity rank is 28, it is the second-ranking Ape non-fungible token.

Some in the marketplace wondered if it was a wash trade considering that the collectible was listed at 185 ETH. Someone had already placed a bid for 180 ether before the buyer scooped it up for 200 ether five minutes later.

Rarity doesn’t necessarily depict the best, art-wise

It’s also not certain if the buyer knew what the Ape looked like since, in appearance, it’s not radically different from a floor Ape. What is obvious from the sale of this Ape is that the rarest apes are not necessarily the best, art-wise.

Another interesting matter in the sale of this Ape is that it took four days to conclude the deal. This is a testament to how illiquid the NFT market is at the moment, especially considering that the BAYC floor price is down to 30 ether.

Author: Miriam