South Korean Crypto YouTube Influencer Assaulted

Reports have it that popular YouTube crypto trader has been attacked at his home just moments after series of threats were made out by investors to the working staff at his company.

The South Korean cryptocurrency expert, Kyu-hoon Hwang was assaulted and severely beaten while making his way to his apartment very early hours of Friday January 10th. The event occurred inside an elevator leading up to the victim’s apartment

Police authorities in Seoul are looking into the matter and have placed a warrant for the whereabouts of two key suspects in the attack. These were said to have fled the scene after inflicting injuries on the victim. It is been reported that Hwang is currently receiving medical care at a hospital and the injuries sustained were not too severe.

The life threats and subsequent attack came after Hwang’s company, Bit Gosu which is the parent company to CoinRunners was involved in a controversial investment deal that saw investors lose a lot of funds.

Following a statement released by CoinRunners, it was disclosed that the attack was aimed at Hwang’s life and measures are being taken to beef up security around the crypto influencer.

Kyu-hoon Hwang gained popularity following the success of his Spunky’s Bitcoin Broadcasting channel on YouTube where he discusses cryptocurrency matters. The channel has since garnered a 59000 subscriber base, putting Hwang as one of the top in the crypto YouTube vlogging game in South Korea.

Following recent developments, a representive has disclosed that CoinRunners will be putting a temporarily hold to their CoinRunners Gold and Bitcoin channel on YouTube until they deliberate on whether they go back to business.





Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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