Staking Facilities Joins ChainLink As Node Operator

Staking Facilities

Blockchain technology is better appreciated when it is appreciated more when it solves real-life practical problems. This is why platforms such as ChainLink is working on gaining access to data and distributing same to blockchain networks in a secure, fast and reliable manner.

According to the network, it provided reliable, tamper-proof input and outputs to blockchain smart contracts.

Staking Facilities is the latest entrant to the ChainLink network as a node operator. The platform is well versed in validation having worked with networks such as Cosmos, Tezos, Edgeware and Kusama.

It boasts experience in the operation of high grade secure enterprise solutions with tier 3+ datacenters with state of the art technology.

According to a Medium post on February 21, the platform wrote that it looks forward to working with ChainLink which solves blockchain data problem by sourcing them using Oracle for receiving data from real world for use in blockchain.

It overcomes the challenges associated with single point failure due to oracle centralization by enabling smart contracts access to off-chain data through web API “while retaining the valuable security properties of the smart contract via decentralization”.

“We can ensure that we always have access to synchronized Ethereum nodes without only relying on external providers, allowing us to provide solid reliability and uptime to services like Chainlink” states the update.

ChainLink is known to provide services to large enterprises such as Google, Oracle and SWIFT.

The Staking Facilities team post asserted:

“We are eager to support the community and ecosystem with our know-how, hardware, and services. We look forward to working together with the Chainlink team in order to accelerate the mass-adoption of blockchain technology.”


Author: Chris Mharc

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