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Thousands of crypto scams are launched every week. This is one of the reasons why informed investors are skeptical of the industry. The bear market that has lasted for months could be traced to investor apathy, especially institutional investors. In this review, we shall look at and why you should keep your funds away from it.

ONE – No Evidence This is A 5-Year Old Company

Stallioninv claims that it has been in operation since 2014 according to information available on the company site, but this is not true. A whois search shows that the site was registered on October 16, 2018 which means that the site has been in operation just over 3 months. It is possible that in terms of promotion that the site became visible later.

Sites that are newly established are not reliable enough to be entrusted with people’s funds. When such sites claim that they have been operational longer that they actually have been, it should make any investor especially wary because it means the people behind such companies are unreliable.

Two – No Known Physical Address in its web copy stated that it was registered in Panama in 2014. This is especially suspicious because the company that registered the website, Namecheap is based in the United States. Namecheap is known to use a Panama based service to protect their user ID.

It is obvious that this is the reason why the owners of decided to lay claims on Panama address as its country of operation even though it did not provide any proof that it is actually operating from out of the country.

According to the site,

“ is a legally registered Private Limited Company which was founded at 2014 in Panama and transformed into an open joint-stock company in order to provide access for everyone to financial products offered by”

However, there is no contact address shown anywhere on the site to prove that this is a business with a physical location. Is it not surprising that an entity that wants to collect money from investors think that all that is required to make people invest is just setting up a site and promising users profit?

In essence, people are expected to hand over their cryptocurrencies to strangers who they have no way of identifying. Taking cue from Whois to claim Panama address shows that whoever is behind this project is a scammer.

For the avoidance of doubt, there are few genuine cryptocurrency investment firms. These are companies that have build reputation over the year and the owners are known in financial circles. Institutional investors trust these firms enough to entrust their funds to them because their competence is not in doubt.

Three – No Evidence of Financial Competence

Even among such companies, every investor knows that there are risks associated with such investments even though the integrity of the managers of such funds is not in doubt.

However for random sites whose owners are unknown or even fraudulent such as, it is plain foolery for anyone to invest in such sites. That the site has no identifiable physical address should keep the circumspect away from it.

Four – Risk Disclaimer

From the FAQ page, the site attempted to explain the risk involved in investing in it. This is normal disclaimer as seen in investment sites. In trying to address the risk the clients face, the company stated,

“The risks for our investors are minimized due to the professional team and our experience. Each company’s investor will receive a daily profit according to the terms of the investment plan that was chosen.”

Apt you’d say … but not quite. You need to go through the site to understand the professionalism they’re talking about.  For instance, the site web copy is poorly crafted showing that there is nothing professional about the business.

Five – An Unrealistic ROI reviewOne way of identifying scams is the profit they promise investors. Scammers are aware that the surest method of attracting investors is by offering them high returns on their investment, such that they cannot possibly resist.

Stallioninv claims that it makes its profit through cloudmining and trading of forex, but none of these activities could enable a ROI of 6%-35% daily as offered by the company.

This unrealistic profit means just one thing – these are scammers wanting to get many people to invest in their site because they have no plans of making any payment in the long term.

For instance, the Executive Level investment plan of would give the investor a massive 2100% in 60 days.

Six – SEC Declares High ROI Crypto Projects Scams reviewThis is remarkably insane because there is no economic activity in the cryptosphere that could consistently yield that much profit for all investors. Crypto projects that guarantee high ROI are routinely flagged as scam by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, with appeal to SEC, Cryptoinfowatch declares a scam.

Considering that the coin market has struggled for the past year, this makes the deceit more glaring.

Seven – No Regulatory Authorization and Control

Another contradiction that should make you wary is the company assertion that,

“The Company is not a member, associate or subdivision of any other organization, so it is free to make totally independent decisions.”

This directly contradicts the earlier statement that the firm started operation in 2014 because if it actually had any business prior to the setting up of last October, that would have been the mother company of the investment firm.

By inferring that a company asking the public for investment fund is not affiliated to any other and is “free to make totally independent decisions” is a reflection of the fact that the firm is not regulated by any authority, government or private. Isn’t that enough reason to avoid them?

Eight – Donating to Strangers?

Passing your cryptocurrencies to strangers is a good as donating them to charity debar that you have the feeling that you did something worthwhile if you gave to charity.

Finally, they claimed that they’d let you benefit through a professionally managed fund that minimizes your risks. A financial house that depends on referrals for investors cannot be said to be professional. What is doing is what every Ponzi scam does.

They may pay a few early investors (this is doubtful for bigger plans since they have tenure of up to 60 days) but the fact remains that most investors in this scheme would lose their money.

Scammers are aware that there are many people whose investment decisions are based mainly on profit. They never research before they invest and so help scams thrive.

If you’re thinking of putting money in beware. If you’ve already invested on this site, please share your experience in the comment box below.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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