Statum Global – Another Obscure Company Vying for Your Crypto

statum global

If you’ve come across Statum Global, you’re probably wondering if you would make good profit investing in this company. Before you do, it is important that you go through this post to know what the company is all about and if your funds will be safe with them.

There are many investment sites that revolve around cryptocurrencies. The reason for this is that there are many people that would want a straightforward way of generating extra income so these sites willingly present themselves as the missing link in the quest to realize such objectives.

Nevertheless, it has been shown that most of these sites were set up by dubious individuals with the intention of stealing people’s funds. This is why at Cryptoinfowatch, we are hard at work to show you the sites that you should keep away from and the few that you may trust to send your investment funds to.

What is Statum Global?

Statum GlobalStatum Global claims to be an investment company that is interested in eco-friendly power and mining. The company claims to have come a long way having been established in China some decades ago. It stated that the founder’s son, Ethan Cheng is the brain behind the recent innovations in the business with Cheng having been an experienced businessman in cryptocurrencies in Australia.

The line of business of Statum Global is rather vague since the site claims that it is a sort of eco-business that combines traditional businesses. However, on the site’s investment page, it stated that investors could invest in traditional assets such as stocks in eco business, mining, pools and tokens.

What Promises Are Given By Statum Global?

Statum globalLike many crypto investment sites, Statum Global promises investors that they would gain massive profit in a clear bid to get people to invest with the site.

For instance in its crypto investment page, Statum Global claimed,

“This investment proposal is tied to the corporate cryptocurrency Statum Global coin and may be available for use by investors only when purchasing personal account tokens. Following the “Cryptocurrency” deposit, the deposit included in the accruals.”

Now to the benefits, the site claims that investors could earn up to 3.5 percent daily. Interestingly, the site did not mention how the company generates such returns to enable paying out such profits to the investors which points to the suspicion that Statum Global is another scam that wants to lure investors with high profit.

A Fake Coin

On its cryptocurrency investment page, the company stated that it has its own internal cryptocurrency SGC which is equivalent to 0.08 USD. However, a background check of the coin shows that it is not listed on any exchanges casting doubt on the claims of the company. A check on Coinmarketcap also shows that no one has heard of it.

Statum Global

A Dubious Token Sale

Just like the fake SGC, it is clear that the claims that the company has 80 million of the token left for sale are another lie. Some of these are clear signs that Statum Global is not a genuine investment platform and enough reason for investors to keep away from this site.

Unknown Physical Office

Legitimate businesses leave no one in doubt that they’re operating according to acceptable standards. They do this by complying with agencies that have regulatory oversight functions over them.

Statum Global has not proven that it is regulated by any Chinese government agency that has given it the authority to sell financial services.

The danger of this scenario is that making investment with a company such as this could result in loss of your funds because they are not accountable to anyone. Furthermore, there is no regulator that would compel them to refund investors’ funds if something goes wrong.

If the team is fraudulent, they conveniently walk away with investors funds even when they have known operational office. However, in the case of Statum Global, the site did not even provide verifiable physical address. This means that this is certainly not a company that you should send your funds to.

Hiding Behind The Web to Defraud

There are many people who hide behind the internet to perpetrate fraud under the pretext that they’re selling financial services in the form of investments. Statum Global falls under such category of sites that every investor would do well to avoid.

A Whois search shows that the domain was registered on August 13, 2018 pointing to the reality that this is a new business that doesn’t have online reputation. An untested business that has no basis to solicit for funds from strangers claiming that they would make profit.

Statum Global

English Or Chinese Site?

Interestingly, the contact page of Statum Global provided an address in Chinese despite the fact that the rest of the content was in English. We put a call across to the phone number on the site but the response seems in Chinese also.

Isn’t it dubious that a company the creates impression it could serve English-speaking audience posted its address in Chinese and that if the investor had to contact them by phone, they would not get response in English language?


A critical analysis of the Statum Global website shows that the company behind it is at best dubious. All the claims on the site such as earning potentials are false. For instance, on its mining page, it claims that in future most people would earn through mining.

“In our opinion, over the next few years, the vast majority of people on Earth will be able to profitably, conveniently and absolutely safely earn their money with the help of mining technologies cryptocurrency.”

This doesn’t make sense because mining needs specialized skills and cannot be available to all despite all the claims made by scam miners. The site also claims that it generates its own energy and so would always be in profit. Without a single proof that it has energy plant anywhere, we concluded that this is a very dubious site meant to steal your cryptocurrencies.

In view of the foregoing, all investors are advised to keep away from Statum Global. For a better investment option, check our recommendation.

If you would like to send in your opinion about this company or the experience you had with it, please use the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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