Strike Announces A Global Invoicing Service On App

Strike invoicing

Strike has announced a global invoicing service on its application. In a May 18 post on Twitter, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Strike, Jack Mallers, said that Paymeinbtc is a global invoicing platform that enables anyone to create an invoice and get paid over the Lightning Network in seconds. The update said that with the service, users of Strike can create a hosted invoicing document to ask for payments from contacts irrespective of their locations.

Growing Demand for Digital Invoicing

Mallers made it obvious that the service is for users of the Strike app. According to him,  that the global invoicing business is growing massively with an expected CAGR of over 20%.

“As the world becomes increasingly more digital and connected, there is a growing desire to transact and exchange goods and services” said Mallers

The Paymeinbtc service enables users to quickly create an invoice dominated in the United States dollar. After sending the invoice to the target party, they can receive payment from the party irrespective of the payment platform they used in sending it.

Most In-demand Strike Service

This is a zero fee, instant service. Its interoperability stems from the inter-connectivity built into the Strike platform.

Mallers said that the Paymeinbtc app has been the most in-demand service on the Strike platform. He added that many users of Strike have requested that such an application be built on the network. The new invoicing service gives credence to the limitless capabilities of the Strike API’s O-Auth.

“Streaming payments, customizable DCA, etc.
Strike’s infrastructure can be embedded in any application.”

The invoicing platform is open source and was built in two weeks by contributors.
Strike is a payment platform built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. There are mixed reactions following the announcement of the Strike invoicing service. Many followers are concerned that Strike is announcing a global invoicing service even though its service is not accessible globally.


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