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Scams have been around for years and will probably continue to thrive within every promising industry. This is why experienced people need to bring awareness on potential scams and Ponzi schemes.

Usually, the first sign that should warn anyone about a dubious service is the promised reward, when an online service makes promises like giving the moon or making you a Bitcoin millionaire overnight, you are probably dealing with a scam.

Castle in The Air

The great opportunities that this market offers makes people believe that anything labeled Bitcoin is gold and sadly some services takes advantage of this to make inconceivable promises and insane gains sometimes.

Success300 claims to make people overnight millionaire as seen from the main banner of their homepage. A rather audacious claim for such a new website, considering that the business is just three weeks old website.

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What is Success300?

Success300Success300 claims to be an investment driven service for people whose objective is to make high passive income. Obviously it will basically attract investors trying to find a way to get rich quickly. After all, the lure for quick wealth is real.

The website claims to provide instant payment sometimes hours after investment. This is no doubt an insane claim. From experience, we are aware that this would seldom be the case with sites such as this knowing that sometimes they do not provide payment at all. The target of sites such as Success300 is to lure many investors and steal their money.

How it works

Success300 allegedly makes profits using a so-called ‘Smart Blockchain Trading Software’ which trades on coins in the cryptocurrency market and generate 85% of the profits resulting from the buying of an AD pack which term is barely explained. However, they claimed that when you but the Ad pack, you automatically plug into the profit.

The remaining 15% gain is from digital advertising and real estate investment. All of which the investor partakes in.

High Yield Investment Scam

The truth is that Success300 falls into the HYIP or (high yield investment programs) category. It follow the very recognizable pattern related to such businesses which are never sustainable.

This model of business is not viable fundamentally because it is built on a lie that keeps people dreaming and thinking that money grows on trees.

HYIPs strive to provide dubious explanations about the source of their profits, but most of the time they are just smoke and mirrors since the funds never really exist except in the imagination of the owners and the wallets of the participants.

In fact, there aren’t profits of any sort generated from those businesses. Basically, they just move the investor’s money which explains why this business isn’t viable long-term.

When a new user invests on this platform, the money may be used to reward the early investors who sometimes are the same people that own the platform.

The Investment Plans

There are two main plans, one is 35% monthly income and the other 50% which they claim is realizable.

Despite the suspicious propositions raised by this platform, the profit shown on their plan evinced its dubiousness since few legitimate investment platforms attain such profit.

But it is quite impossible for this kind of platform to realize this range of profit or to sustain it in the long term, especially when there is no real investment proof shown on the site aside a generic:

“Welcome, This is a Long Term Opportunity that’s helping Thousands of People Around the World Generate Massive Passive Income,
Advertise and Live the Life they Deserve;
Success… is a Mind Game
Are You in?
If You Choose Success300 Today, YOUR SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE”

Of course that’s a sales pitch. The losers would be the investors.

Payment proof

The platform made available a shady list of presumed participants it has paid as a mean to get new users’ trust. This approach of listing imaginary payments made to users may make the website seem legitimate and may convince some new users.

But looking at the displayed list, there is no way to prove that the client displayed are actual participants and have received any payments as claimed.

Success300Only the username and the amount sent are available accompanied by the type of payment they used, that info can be written out without the need of a single active user.

In fact, the perfect way to prove that those payments are real would been to avail the site’s visitor with blockchain transaction ID, but even that could be faked.

Who is Behind Success300?

One of the main signs that that should draw attention to a dubious financial service site is the lack of background information on the website owner and disclosure of location. In fact, clicking on the address link shown at the footer of the website takes you to the top of the page. This means that the site owner placed it there to deceive the uninformed that the business has a real physical address.

Success300There is no reference whatsoever of any individuals that could have initiated the business despite claims of insane profits. What we have is only an address that could not be proven and a support email address.

Further research shows that the domain has been paid for just one year. This could be an indication that the owners do not intend to provide their services long-term.


Success300 shows many red flags that should warn every investor. High profit from an investments site is actual a bad sign that it is not involved in any legitimate dealing.  Investing your fund in such sites represents high risks. You may never earn anything from it and your funds would only serve to enrich scammers.

We advise everyone to stay away from this type of platform. For a genuine investment site, check our top recommendation.

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Author: Chris Mharc

Hello, I am Christ Marc, a young crypto enthusiast who has been in the market for a few years, I heard from bitcoin via a few friends and since then I became deeply interesred in this technology, now I am pursuing my studies with the incentive to master tomorrow's technology.

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