Telcoin Announces Major Network Upgrades

In its recent press release through its CEO, Paul Neuner, Telcoin has announced the major network upgrades the firm has achieved in the last couple of months. The CEO took to Telcoin’s official Twitter page to announce the firm’s progress in its plans for the Telcoin ecosystem, while an in-depth account of its achievement is on its Medium page.

Telcoin V3.0 Launch and more

Telcoin has released an improved version of its V3 platform, which incorporates more features like the migration of users to the Polygon Network and the upgrade of wallets. These changes will help users pay lower transaction fees and experience faster transaction time.

Market Expansion

As a result of the launch of its V3.0 platform, Telcoin keeps increasing its operations, procedures, policies, and compliance to expand its business tentacles into new geographical locations. The company has perfected plans to commence operations in Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and the Philippines.

More Hands Join the Telcoin Team

The Telcoin team keeps growing as more experts join the company. Telcoin has a new VP of Operations, David Stuart, who is stationed in London. He is in charge of the country’s operations and entry to new markets. Natsumi Bolton, who is based in Tokyo, joins the team as Telcoin’s Asia Regional Operations Manager and Japan Country Manager. Other notable names like Sara Chia, Steve Kallestad, Ben Temple, Ziggy Nunez, John Hobbs, Renalyn Dario, and Rizza Mae Ordonio, joined Telcoin in various capacities.

These giant strides by Telcoin have put the firm on a good pedestal for future growth and likely surge in TEL price in the coming years.

Author: Miriam